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It is a glorious August Morning in the little state of Delaware.  My van is in the shop, and I am quite antsy to have it back.  There are some things I really need to do — but a misunderstanding with our mechanic has made it so that it isn’t done as promised, so I have a few minutes to catch everyone up on our lives at Shady Acres.

Certain Man is what I call a man of the single row.  He has one row of pole limas.  A row of tomatoes.  A row of grapes:

August Morning B

Says He to Me, “Hon, have you checked on our grapes?  There’s alot on them.  I don’t really know, but I wonder if they shouldn’t be picked.  I don’t want them to go to waste.”  I didn’t think this was too imperative, what with the skimpiness of our grape vines, the close proximity of our trip to Ohio, and the fact that the birds almost always beat me.  But I decided I had better (at least) check them.  There really were alot there.  I tasted them, and they seemed ripe and sweet, so I picked them all –a small bucket full.  Then drug out my steamer for just one load of grapes. . .

August Morning C

I got a whole two and a half quarts from my grapes.  I wish I could say that the juice was wonderful, but it really is not all that good.  Maybe they weren’t all that ripe after all.  So sad!

While outside, I took a few pictures of my back yard.  The Youth group are coming tonight.  They want to play soccer and have a campfire in the fire ring that Certain Man has put in the yard:
August Morning H

Last night, he went and got some pallets to cut up for fire wood.  They were all piled up beside the ring.
August Morning F
This afternoon, he came home and made alot of noise while he sawed them up.

In the pavilion are the trailers.  We have them loaded for the trip tomorrow.  We are taking stuff out to Lem and Jess and bringing stuff back for Raph and Regina.

August Morning D
(The lights on the trailer really aren’t on.  The sun is reflecting off of them.

My back patio is looking a bit like a jungle, but it still holds a great deal of joy for me:
August Morning E
Some of my flowers are in desperate need of deadheading, but it will have to wait. 

I am feeling a bit discouraged tonight because one of my teeth decided to just fall out of my mouth.  It hasn’t been feeling right — and I got the dentist to check it and he couldn’t find anything wrong, but I was eating watermelon and hit a seed with it.  It felt like something was wrong, but it didn’t feel loose.  About a half an hour later, it started rattling around in my mouth.  I am not happy — tomorrow morning at five, we leave for Ohio, and there is no time to see the dentist.  My main concern is that it doesn’t get infected.  I am not having “toothache” in it, but it sure is annoying.

An evening shower just moved through, delaying the soccer game of the youth group, but now the sun is out again, and they think they will go ahead.  I need to get finished packing and make a run to the store yet.  I am excited about going.  It will be nice to have some time alone with my husband, and it is a happy time for our family.  So please, when you pray for us, remember to rejoice with us. 

Hope to be back on here on Sunday evening with some pictures and a new daughter in law!  Good, good times.


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Niece Maria got married today.
 She was so beautiful, so happy.
And Carey was so proud, so quietly joyful.

Maria and Carey

I took all of one picture, and this is it!

    And I cried so much that Certain Man whispered to me, “For pity sakes, you’ve cried more here than you did at Lem’s wedding.  Whatever are you going to do next week (at Raph’s Wedding)?”  He was right, of course.  But probably I was crying the tears I didn’t cry at Lem’s wedding.  Sometimes it just takes a while for the hearts to catch up when the hands and head are working overtime
    And I was also teary because of something that happened just before I left home for the wedding. 
    This was our last morning together as a family before Raph left for Ohio to help get ready for his and Regina’s wedding.  Lem and Jess are also leaving for Ohio on Monday so that Jessica can start her new job and they can get settled into their apartment before college starts for Lem.  We had talked of going out for breakfast as a family, but I got the impulse to make biscuits and sausage gravy and pancakes and tomato gravy (with peanut butter and maple syrup for those who loathe tomato gravy).  So I got up and got my ladies up and showered and dressed and fed, did some loads of laundry for this Eldest Son who was packing for his honeymoon in addition to the week ahead, and made breakfast for my crew.
    It really was a sweet time, and we talked and laughed, and made plans for the week ahead.  When breakfast was over, Christina and Jesse returned to a Bontrager Cousins Reunion that is in progress this weekend, Lem and Jessica went home to their house to continue packing for their move to Ohio and to get ready for Maria and Carey’s wedding.  The girls and I scrambled to clean up the kitchen, Daniel went to do some mowing and Raph went back to his packing.  The time for us to leave for the wedding crept closer and closer, and the siblings started their good-byes to Raph who was leaving for Ohio after we left for the wedding.
     I am married to a “hugger,” and our boys are very much like their daddy when it comes to being free with the hugs.  Often when they are telling me “good-bye” I find myself squished against their chests, and then they will often plant a kiss right in the middle of my forehead.  “Love you, Momma,”  they’ll say, and their kindness to me is something I don’t take for granted.  But when Raph was hugging his siblings this morning in our sunny kitchen and telling them good-bye, I just wasn’t ready yet.  I hate to say good-bye, and I really do put it off as long as I possibly can..  He went back up to his room while I finished last minute things.  Then the friend who was staying with our ladies came, and I gave her last minute instructions, Daniel came belatedly down the steps and we rushed to the car so we wouldn’t be late for the wedding. 
    Halfway to the church, I suddenly realized that I hadn’t told Raph good-bye.   Somehow, in the last minute scramble, I had missed it! 
    “Oh, no!”  I said to Daniel.
    “What?” he asked.
    “I forgot to tell Raph ‘good-bye’!”  I wailed, “And it is too late to go back now.”  I pulled out my cell phone and called him and he was sympathetic, even sad, but we both knew it couldn’t be undone, so I went on to the wedding, fighting my tears before we ever even got there, and having even more difficulty when they ushered my Sweet Mama in alone on this happy day, and still more when we sang “Lift Your Glad Voices” in memory of Carey’s father, Daniel, who went to Heaven very unexpectedly in February, 2006.
    Maybe it was the reminder of how fragile life is that made me so acutely aware of the missed good-bye.  I don’t really know.  But it will be alright.  It isn’t so much the “good-bye done right” that matters, but rather, the “relationship done right” that is important.

    God-speed, My Son.  I will always love you!


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This is my last “ordinary” Saturday for a long time . . . At least, if the Lord tarries, and if He so wills.
I don’t profess to know when He will come back.  I do believe these couples have sought His Will for their loves, and I certainly have seen the evidence of that.

Next weekend, Niece Maria Slaubaugh marries Carey Swartzentruber:

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The same day, five hundred miles away in Ohio,
Certain Man’s Uncle Allen Yutzy marries Connie Prater.

For Web 3
We are not able to go to that one, unfortunately.
But we will think often of them, believe me!

Then in two weeks, Oldest Son will marry Babe.  (again in Ohio!)
For Web 1
Wait a minute!!!  Do I see some resistance here?

And then in three weeks, Nephew Joe Slaubaugh will marry Tasha Troyer

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Again, in Ohio! 

And the same day and the same town
as a Kauffman Family Reunion.
This is the family of Certain Man’s birth mother, Katie.  She passed away when he was four, and her family holds a warm and important piece of his heart.  Most of his mother’s immediate family are Old Order Amish, and he doesn’t get to see them often, so he is quite intent on attending the reunion in the morning and Joe and Tasha’s wedding in the afternoon.  Certain Man’s Wife is tired just thinking about it.

But the truth is, we don’t have to do it all at once.  It is just one day at at time.  And, quite thankfully, I am not in my dear Middle Sister’s shoes.  She has two children getting married two weeks apart.  It was unnerving enough to have two son’s getting married two months apart — but to have a daughter getting married and then two weeks later, 500 miles away, a son getting married –!!!!  Let’s just say that she sure could use our prayers. 

And blessings all around to the happy couples.


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