I am a Delaware Grammy.  Once upon a time, I was Buckeyegirlie.  But that was a long time ago.  At least it seems like it was.  However, the posts from a Xanga page by that name are available on this site, thanks to WordPress and Xanga forming an alliance.  I do not ever use my xanga any more — not because I don’t want to, but because I CAN’T.  Every time I try to go there they tell me that I am not an authorized user.  I’m sad about that.

To tell you a little bit about me — I am a daughter, I am a wife, I am a sister, I am a Mama, I am a Grammy.  My husband (often referred to as Certain Man or CM) and I (often referred to as Certain Man’s Wife or CMW) were married in 1973.  We have five adult children:

Christina, married to Jesse Bontrager, lives here in Milford, DE.  Chris and Jess have our only granddaughter, Charis.  Chris is a stay at home mama and Jesse is a computer specialist at a local company, Burris Foods.

The next offspringin’ is Deborah, known as “Beebs” or “Auntie Beeba” to a number of children.  Deborah is a hospital trained RN, who is working on her BSN.  She works the night shift for Delaware Hospice.  She lives at home, has her own “pad” upstairs that she rattles about in.  She is a world traveler and has an adventuresome spirit.

After Deborah comes our oldest son, Raphael, married to Regina Yoder.  They live in Sugar Creek, Ohio, and are the proud parents of our three grandsons, Simon, Liam and Franklin.  Raphael is in youth ministry at Grace Mennonite Church in Berlin, Ohio (http://allaboutgrace.org/) and a sales/office person at a shed/storage manufacturing business and Regina is a mostly stay at home mama, but does work one day a week for an Amazon clearing center of some sort.

Then it is our second son, Lemuel.  Lem is married to Jessica Lee.  They live in Alexandria, VA.  Lem is a therapist for Alvord, Baker and Associates (http://www.alvordbaker.com) He is currently working on his Ph.D in Social work.  Jessica works for the Veterans Administration in Washington, D.C. and has many exciting opportunities as well as desperate challenges in her line of work.

The youngest of our children is Rachel.  She is working on her Masters in social work from Bryn Marw University in Philadelphia.  Currently, she has an internship at the Joseph J. Peters Institute where she is a therapist for sexually abused and traumatized children.  She spent 9 months in Thailand with a mission team, another term of college in Uganda as a social worker, with forays into Rwanda and also is a world traveler whenever she has the opportunity and $$$ to do so.

Certain Man and I share our home with two disabled adults.  Blind Linda is non-verbal, autistic, toothless and, well, blind.  She takes a considerable amount of “hands on” care and endless amounts of patience. She wasn’t blessed with an exactly “winsome” personality, and is easily aggravated.  She has taught me so much about God and life and even Heaven, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be her caregiver these last fourteen and a half years.

Our Girl Audrey suffers from Paranoid Schizophrenia as well a host of other things.  She worries about lots of things, often feels worthless and inadequate and is sure she is certainly dying of something this time for real!!!  She also takes a lot of emotional energy and there are times when I hardly know which way to turn.  God has shown Himself strong on her behalf in this placement, though.  Eight years ago I was convinced that this would never work, but it has — and I’m grateful for God’s enabling grace, not only to me, but to my family.  This is definitely not something I do,  but a cooperative effort on the part of every one of the household.

And then, I’m also a blogger and have self published a book that has some of my stories in it.  The title is Stories from the Household of CM and CMW, and is for sale for $14.00 plus shipping and handling if you are interested.  If you read my blog, you will know what I do for most of the rest of my time.  Gardening, homemaking, teaching a Bible Study, thinking, being a grammy, cooking, canning, freezing, etc.  I’m always looking for stories in the life I live, the Holy among the ordinary.

And always, always, seeking to cultivate a heart of Grateful Praise.

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  1. And Dear Mary Ann, How I appreciate you sharing your days, your thinking. You are an inspiration to me.

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