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     What a perfect day!  A family from church was moving today, and what a great day to move!  Just sunshine and perfect temperatures and many wonderful helping hands to make the things move smoothly. 
     Riding down the road beside niece Maria, on the way to the new house and lunch, Maria says, “I wonder what people do when they have to move and don’t have a church family.”
     “They hire a moving company.” says I, “and look what they miss!”
     It was such a nice day.  I am so tired tonight, but I keep thinking about the faces of the people who were helping, straining to move furniture, gathering to eat soup and sandwiches in the noontime sunshine, the boxes that were emptied and stuff that was put away.  I remember Young Emily, helping with all her might and main to do anything that her hands could find to do.  She unwrapped kitchen stuff, put away spices, and trundled load after load of trash.  She carted the huge, flattened cardboard boxes to her Aunt Hilda’s van for recycling, and just was the greatest help.  The teenagers were busy setting up bedrooms and getting the beds together so the family could sleep tonight.  What a great thing to belong to a group of people that love to help each other.  And it wasn’t just our little church, but many others joined to make the day a great success.
      And then, tonight Certain Man planted his early vegetable garden.  He has been itchy these past few days, thinking it is warm enough to get in there and plant.  He worked up the patch a few weeks ago, and has kept running the tiller over and over it.  So today, he sent Middle Daughter to the feed store while the rest of us were helping with the move (she was taking care of Blind Linda, working on school and trying to get over this upper respiratory bug that has been going around) and carefully instructed her as to what to purchase.  So tonight he planted his red potatoes, his radishes, onions and even a row of peas.  It looks wonderful now, and he will plant other things later.  Funny how Spring always makes us both so optimistic about the garden. 
      He also put the Purple Martin pole up.  We are trying the gourds for the first time this year, and he is moving the location of the pole.  We have never had a bit of success with Martins, and he hopes to change that.  When I was a little girl, my Sweet Mama wanted Martins so badly.  She would get Daddy to put the houses up and she would stand out there and call, “Come, Martins, Come Martins!”  And it seemed to work, because she always got lots of Martins.  (I may need to try that!)
     And now it is after 6:30 and I have oodles to do to get ready for tomorrow.  Have a blessed, restful Sunday, all of you.  And remember — the best way to spend Sunday Morning is with God’s people in God’s House.  If you at all can, go to Church!


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       Did I hear someone knocking???
       Well, yes, I have been up since 5:30.  I find that if I don’t get up and get my morning’s work done before going downstairs it just doesn’t get done.  And I HATE going to my room at night and finding the bed unmade.  Certain Man laughs at me because I will make it before I get into it because those rumpled covers just BOTHER me.  Yes, well, we all have our idiosyncrasies.  Another one I have is that the closet door must be SHUT before I can really sleep.  I started that early in our marriage because I thought it bothered Certain Man.  Found out later that he shut it because he thought it bothered me. Now we are both crazy together and have to have it closed before we can really sleep.  It must be TRADITION, I guess.  (I’m pretty sure that it has nothing with obsessive/compulsive disorder.)
       But the real question of the hour — Did the change in the bed covers aid the sleep process?  Absolutely!   I slept like a rock.  (Of course, the fact that my tooth did not hurt, that I had a day when I hardly had time to think, and a later than anticipated bedtime probably figured into it.)  However, I had a much better feeling inside whenever I thought of those familiar blankets and the good rest that awaited me.  So there you have it, gals.  Half the sleep problems in the world would be fixed if people would just haul out their old blankets and bedspreads and be content.
      And on that note, I leave you to get on with a day that promises to be beautiful.  I heard on NPR this morning that they expect Delaware to hit the 60’s today, temp wise.  What was that old saying about March “In like a lamb, out like a lion?”  We may have some reckoning to do yet. 
       Blessings for a wonderful day!


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CM and CMW and the Quilt

     Now it came to pass that Certain Man and Certain Man’s Wife have been married for nearly 33 years.  And in that time, there have been relatively few squabbles over small things like blankets and who got their fair share.  There has been peaceable agreement over such things as room temperature, how many blankets and even the firmness and size of the mattress and pillows. 
    Several years ago (nearly ten, to be exact) a Hispanic friend who worked in a local stitching factory gave CMW a large flowery bedspread that has been the covering of choice and that, coupled with a sheet in the summer and a very large fuzzy blanket in the winter, has been all that was needed for warmth most of these years.
     However, within the last year there have been several things that have marred the peace at the Church of the Inner Spring.  Mental Pause with its heat flashes and irritability and sleep disturbances has made some minor inroads into the established patterns. Aching joints and changing schedules and adult children have also made for some differences in sleep habits. And then something else came along that further upset the balance.  The QUILT.
     CMW is not a quilter.  In fact, in her cedar chest there resides a very old quilt top that was given to her by an old friend, Mary Belle Hostetler, for a wedding gift that has never been quilted.  Once upon a time, CM and CMW were given a beautiful friendship quilt by the church they were leaving when they moved from Ohio to Delaware, but it was loved and used into great disarray and finally put on the shelf.  Other than that, not one solitary homemade quilt has ever been in CMW’s possession. 
      The interest in quilts and the desirability of quilts has not been lost on CMW.  She was not consumed by a longing for one, but thought it might be nice to own just one.  So when she was visiting her friend, Bev, a few years ago, and Friend Bev’s Mother had numerous quilt tops that she was working on, it was arranged to purchase a very nice looking non-descript sort of quilt and Friend Bev’s Mother agreed to quilt it for CMW.  Nearly two years ago, this project was finished, and the quilt duly sent and it resided in the closet for about a year until CMW had the urge to put it on her bed one day, and it looked very nice there, indeed.  It actually was perfect in color and size for the summer months, and when winter finally came, the weather was so mild that an occasional blanket thrown over all was enough to keep CM and CMW in comfort.
       Then Certain Man took it upon himself to lose a few pounds.  This always is accompanied by a shift in body temperature for him.  He feels like he is freezing alot of the time.  So, CMW took it upon herself to find a velux blanket that was adequate to cover the bed, but did not stick out below the quilt.  This did not lend itself well to one of the parties wrapping it all around themselves in an attempt to keep warm, but usually it did not matter too much as the other party was usually affected by the aforementioned “mental pause” and had no interest in wrapping up in a thick velux blanket. 
      However, in the mornings, there was evidence of struggle with quilt and blanket on one side of the bed and sheet gathered morosely on the other.  When CMW made the bed in the morning, she pondered about whether two people with such disarray of blankets and sheets could have slept well.  She had a vague, disquieted feeling that maybe neither party was getting enough rest.
     Then CMW developed an abscess on a molar that she had been trying to get her dentist to do something about for several months.  No longer could it be a “wait and see” proposition.  This thing was hurting with a vengeance, causing much nocturnal pain and wakefulness, and making CMW tearful over many things.  And it came to pass that one of the things that was troubling her very much was that there were great snatchings going on over the blankets at night.  And it was being done under the great cover (excuse the pun) of sleep, and she was as guilty as the second party of being disruptive.  Certain Man would turn over in his sleep and hitch the quilt and blanket around his strong shoulder and it would conveniently leave Certain Man’s Wife and snuggle onto his back while she lay out in the cold, clutching the sheet.  Now if she had been sleeping in her usual deep way, she would never have even noticed, but most of the time, she was half way between sleep and misery and thinking that she was almost asleep when the covers would whoosh off of her that would only make her more miserable.  So she got to holding onto the edge of the blanket and quilt with a firm grasp and in her half-sleep, would hang on for dear life when the covers started to move and that would actually pull her over sideways when her bed partner would decide it was time to turn over.  Now CMW did not BLAME him, as it is no fun to turn over and have cold air blasting down your back, but these narrow blankets were obviously causing a problem between two usually agreeable bed partners.  It was making them tired and irritable and the tooth and medication and freezing man and blanket grabbing woman were all being aggravated beyond what was necessary.
     This morning, Certain Woman looked at her bleary image in the mirror and pondered the options.  Suddenly, it looked very simple.  Where were the big old fuzzy blanket and the big flowery bedspread?  Right there in the closet.  It was time for a change.  In a great burst of inspiration, she took the offending blanket and quilt off  and replaced it with the familiar generous coverings of last winter.  It looked so familiar that Certain Man, in from the chicken house and dressing for the office never even noticed.  Certain Man’s Wife looks forward to a good night’s rest and behold, peace hath returned to the Church of the Inner Spring.


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How can a day as golden as this one be so full of tears?
With little boys that laugh and play and dance upon the floor.
Beloved Eldest Daughter to share morning hours with.
Crocus flowers pushing bravely through the cold soil,
Making splashes of color against the grey landscape.
And hope. (I wonder how the tulips are doing, hidden as they are.)
Good friends to share conversation with, and answered prayer.
So, then, why the tears?
Lord Jesus, would it help to say the things that spill from my heart
In saltwater down my cheeks and drip off my chin?
Would it help?  I think not. 
So let me now, as here indulged,
Be stronger, and more free to let it go.
Some days will be like this, I’ve come to know.
And tomorrow, brighter, washed clean by this day’s tears.


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      Yesterday was quite a day, indeed.
       There was morning Bible Study with some of my most favorite people. Robin, Waneta, Christina, and April.
       “Our” new baby, Victoria, was here for the very first time.  Such a pretty, pretty baby!
       Along with the Moms were all the children, friends and comrades together with our most capable babysitters, Ivy and Aubrey, and they behaved so well.  Riding the trikes, traipsing over the farm, climbing on the hay, watching videos, playing with Legos, getting fruit snacks, animal crackers and apple juice..  It was wonderful to see them all again.  Carson, Nevin, Sarah, Daniel, Malinda, Justin, Jerron, Bethany, D.W., Faith.  We were missing Destiny and Kaylin along with their sweet Momma, Becky, for the third week in a row.  Hurry and get well, girlies, PLEASE!
       I cooked up two chickens and made a big pot of chicken corn noodle soup.  I almost could not function because of this troublesome tooth.  I had lost the crown the other morning, and the dentist said to come in to get it reglued.  I think the dentist sighs whenever she hears that I am coming, and I sigh, too.  But after thinking that maybe it was going to be okay, it went into a torque yesterday, and gave me all sorts of trouble.  I am to see about a root canal on Monday, but this was too much pain.  So I finally called to see if they could give me a prescription for an antibiotic (I know that this is the pain of an abscess), and the dentist agreed, and said that she would call it right in.  I don’t think she wanted to see me.  Anyhow, that got started, and hopefully, the infection will be gone by the time I see the specialist on Monday.   
       Raph’s Sweet Karen Girl comes today, Lord Willing.  Our family has looked forward to this weekend with much anticipation.  We pray for traveling mercies for her as she drives alone from Columbus, Ohio, to Delaware.  I am amazed at the abilities and courage of young people today, though perhaps the trip here won’t be as challenging as meeting this exuberant family of Raph’s. 
       My heart and hands are busy with many things on this sunshiney day.


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