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I know that it has been quiet in Buckeyegirlie’s Corner.  I’ve been really, really busy, with many things demanding my attention.  Not the least of which is that I have been working hard on editing this book so that it can be printed in time for sale at our Anniversary Bash on August 24th. 


The published book will not look the same.  For one thing, we plan to publish in paperback, and I need to decide how many to run on the trial run — just to see if it actually sells or not.  But beyond that, I am enjoying the editing even though it is taking lion’s share of my time.    


It’s yard and garden time, too, and I am quite pleased with how the garden and flowers are growing.  Even the house plants are doing well. When Daniel had his knee replaced, the women’s group at our church, known as Women in Christian Service, gave him a gorgeous plant.  (I actually said that I thought that gift was one that I enjoyed as much as he did.  And he loved it very much — far better than cut flowers.)  It was on his bookshelf for most of those recuperating weeks, and if not there, then the middle of the kitchen table.  We both thought the birds on the planter it was in was so appropriate for our house.  It was just so cheery.


But it was crowded in that pot.  For some time, I’ve been casting about for a different planter for it, but never found one that really satisfied me.  Finally, yesterday, I found a pot that I thought I could live with, and I brought it home.  Last night I repotted it.  Daniel and I are so happy with the result.  It seems to have grown over night.  (I put the original pot beside it so that you can see the comparison.  It is just so, so beautiful.  Thanks, ladies.  It is a reminder of our church family and how lovingly they care for us.


It is just so, so beautiful. 
 Thanks, ladies!  
It is a reminder of our church family and how lovingly they care for us.

We are so blessed.

My heart gives grateful praise.




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Is Xanga dying???

So, is everyone fleeing from Xanga in great hordes?

Or is it just that it’s the summertime and everyone is busy?

Or are we all frantically trying to preserve what we’ve written over the last decade (more or less?) and don’t feel like investing more energy and time into something the future of which we are uncertain.

Maybe it is just time to let this thing die.  I mean, who is getting that $60,000.00?  And if they do get it, why should we have to pay for ongoing usage?  (I’ve been a premium member for years for my main account.)  But beyond that, if Xanga isn’t worth $4.00 a month to us, doesn’t that say something about us?  I enjoy Xanga so much, find it a healthy outlet for expression for my soul, and $4.00 sounds pretty paltry to me for the opportunity to continue with the online blog that I am comfortable with.  For crying out loud, I pay more than $4.00 for a single woodpecker’s block for my birds.  And usually don’t complain too much about it.  But then there is the thing that some of us have more than one Xanga space.  I happen to have three.  I plan to archive two of them, and just keep this one that is my main one.  That is, if they let me keep it.  

What do the rest of you think?


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Our Sleeping Beauty

It was a long hard day.  While the adults talked a little girlie conked out!

The ottoman for the easy chair in Grandpa’s living room was 
available and comfy.  She was sound asleep before she knew it
and she never even found out when 
her Daddy picked her up in his strong arms and carried her safely home.
A big weekend, lots of things things to do finally caught up with her.


This morning, I look at these pictures of this little girl we love
so much, and think about falling asleep and being picked up and
carried home by a Father
who loves me and protects me and has 
a place prepared for me.

I’ve been tempted to be weary of the race.
Every day the things of this old world
disappoint, dismay and discourage.
I’ve given my life to not focusing on the negative.
But sometimes it seems like a tsunami.


When the day gets too long.
When the strength is all gone.
When courage fails
And it seems that evil wins —

It is comforting to remember that I can rest in quiet peace
fearing nothing, worrying about nothing.
That I will wake up in the morning.
The people I love will be there.
And I will see the face of the one who carried me safely there.

This is love at its truest.
Hope at its purest.
Joy at its fullest.

My heart gives grateful praise.



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