Is Xanga dying???

So, is everyone fleeing from Xanga in great hordes?

Or is it just that it’s the summertime and everyone is busy?

Or are we all frantically trying to preserve what we’ve written over the last decade (more or less?) and don’t feel like investing more energy and time into something the future of which we are uncertain.

Maybe it is just time to let this thing die.  I mean, who is getting that $60,000.00?  And if they do get it, why should we have to pay for ongoing usage?  (I’ve been a premium member for years for my main account.)  But beyond that, if Xanga isn’t worth $4.00 a month to us, doesn’t that say something about us?  I enjoy Xanga so much, find it a healthy outlet for expression for my soul, and $4.00 sounds pretty paltry to me for the opportunity to continue with the online blog that I am comfortable with.  For crying out loud, I pay more than $4.00 for a single woodpecker’s block for my birds.  And usually don’t complain too much about it.  But then there is the thing that some of us have more than one Xanga space.  I happen to have three.  I plan to archive two of them, and just keep this one that is my main one.  That is, if they let me keep it.  

What do the rest of you think?


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11 responses to “Is Xanga dying???

  1. I’m just sad:( I have stuff on here dating back to 2005. The birth of 3 of my babies and pretty much a diary of my life.

  2. So many of the ones I knew here have already moved on to facebook and other places–I’m just kind of waiting to see what happens now

  3. I think it is worth $4. a mo. I’ve always had just the one site……..since 2005. I did archive all my posts and put them on my computer, just in case. Actually, I didn’t, but my daughter did it for me. FB is jusst not the same.

  4. I’ve never liked xanga…having to pay to not have ads on my page. I also don’t like that people have to have a xanga account to comment. I moved to blogger a long time ago and love it! It’s free and no paying to not have ads on your page 🙂

  5. I did archive my Xanga entries, and because we are going to be on a ministry trip from July 1 to 21, I couldn’t take a chance on Xanga dying. At this point I am glad I changed, but it was/is a learning curve. If you change, please let me know, as I want to stay in touch with you.

  6. I am very sad about the possibility of Xanga dying. I don’t like any of the other blog sites I’ve seen as they don’t seem to have the flow and community of Xanga. I don’t know if I could do the $4/month, but if I can, I will. Hoping it hangs in there, though. If you move, I’d really like to keep in touch, too. Let me know!

  7. So are they talking about closing Xanga? I’m still very happy with blogger. But I would certainly be devastated if it ever were to disappear. It too has my whole life documented from 2005 on.

  8. I’m pretty much just connected to Xanga so I can keep up on your blog. That’s it.

  9. if you are a paying customer you’ll get moved with the rest of us but they will drop the freeloader.edlives is my to go guyhe’s written several blogs on what’s going on if you don’t pay anything and you’re a freeloader then you need to find another play but we will be Xanga 2.0 from now on.

  10. I wish I knew what was going on with Xanga…I’m fine with paying a little something but I am also open to learning to blog someplace else. The thing that makes me sad is losing contact with all my lovely friends that I’ve made here.

  11. I haven’t checked out what’s happening with Xanga – first I heard there may be changes was through Doris High. I haven’t posted for a while, and definitely not as regularly as I used to, (I tend to do just short clips on FB) but I’ve always enjoyed your posts and several others that I would be very sorry to lose. Please keep up postted as to whether you stay or move or whatever. Juanita

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