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All over the world,
there are tears being shed over things
too terrible for my mind to even assimilate.

And I know there are mothers’ hearts
wishing there was a way to stay the sand in the hourglass.


my girlie heads to Uganda for four months.

I know it is what she is supposed to do.
I believe in what she going there to do.
(But I’m doing a lion’s share of wishing and weeping!)

For some reason, I just wish she wasn’t going.  
Not now.

I feel like my heart is a little bit on overload.

If God lays Rachel on your heart, please pray for her.
And, would you please add my Sweet Mama ?
She doesn’t want anyone to know anything,
And she is trying so hard to make us all believe that everything is okay.

But it isn’t.

So pray for us all, and May God’s Holy Name be honored in these challenging days.






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This morning,
I would find it easier
To fill the tummies
Of a hundred little children
In a far away land
Than I am finding it
To love
My “neighbor

(and i’m not kidding!)


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