This morning,
I would find it easier
To fill the tummies
Of a hundred little children
In a far away land
Than I am finding it
To love
My “neighbor

(and i’m not kidding!)


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  1. That’s the problem with real “neighbors”. They’re so real and so daily.

  2. Oh my Mary, what honesty! Praying God will give you strengeth. Love you.

  3. Praying that you’ll be filled with God’s strength,wisdom & compassion!

  4. Sounds like one of our neighbors. I’m trying to “turn the other cheek” when I see her out !! God needs to give us both strength I guess !

  5. (((hugs)))  Praying God’s grace for you—and ALL of us– Love you.

  6. God never promised us “easy.” 🙂

  7. Yes Mary-Ann some times it can be very difficult–It is very helpful to be honest because God knows anyway.The best thing to help overcome the anger is to pray for the person–Try it even though you would much rather givethem a piece of your mind.

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