All over the world,
there are tears being shed over things
too terrible for my mind to even assimilate.

And I know there are mothers’ hearts
wishing there was a way to stay the sand in the hourglass.


my girlie heads to Uganda for four months.

I know it is what she is supposed to do.
I believe in what she going there to do.
(But I’m doing a lion’s share of wishing and weeping!)

For some reason, I just wish she wasn’t going.  
Not now.

I feel like my heart is a little bit on overload.

If God lays Rachel on your heart, please pray for her.
And, would you please add my Sweet Mama ?
She doesn’t want anyone to know anything,
And she is trying so hard to make us all believe that everything is okay.

But it isn’t.

So pray for us all, and May God’s Holy Name be honored in these challenging days.






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  1. My God walk with your daughter and surround her with love. And God bless your Mother and give her strength for whatever she is going thru–may he hold her in his arms and comfort her. God bless you ,comfort you  and give you peace

  2. Prayers will continue to be prayed for Rachel and for your Mom and for you as you adjust to this. Bless you heart, take care.

  3. May God bless you and Rachel with the peace that passes all understanding.

  4. I will pray for you all. I’m afraid that when we went to Africa I didn’t appreciate the sacrifice my parents-in-law were making to let their only son and 3 grandchildren go so far away for 4 years.Now I understand how hard it must have been.

  5. Father, I ask you to walk with Mary Ann during her concern for Rachel and her sweet mama. I am grateful to know that all three of these sweet ladies are very special to You – and that each one is serving You with their who heart.

  6. I too,  have and will continue, to ask God’s guidance and safe keeping for your daughter, and his loving, healing hands on your sweet Mama, and his comforting hand on you and your family.  I was only in Bermuda for 26 months while Don was in the service, but I know how I missed my family here at home, and how they missed me.   God bless you.I don’t know if you have time, or if you care to, but this is the daughter of a good friend I grew up with.  You might want to read her site.  She’s over there too.   Anita Ayers Henderlight.

  7. @GrannyHummingbird –  Could you give me her actual web address?

  8. Hugs, Mary Ann. Will be praying for all of you. Blessings.

  9. Mary Ann, I am praying right now for Rachel and your sweet Mama. I can’t even imagine how you are feeling right now.  May you all feel the Lord’s love and care wrapped around you as you face these days and weeks.

  10. I will gladly pray for your daughter! – My daughter is Rachel also! They are such special people those Rachel girls! 🙂

  11. Mary Ann, saying goodbye is always hard, but I think this will be a great experience for your daughter.. Uganda is a very interesting place, and God will protect her…I wish I was going back there, but for now, God is calling a different way…God bless you both….Your cuz, Jon

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