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Mrs. Handy’s Lemon Meringue Pie Recipe



1½ Cup Sugar

1/3 cup cornstarch

1½ cup hot water

3 egg yolks, slightly beaten

3 Tablespoons butter

¼ cup lemon juice (I ALWAYS use fresh)

4 teaspoons (1 1/3 Tablespoon) fresh grated lemon rind

3 egg whites

¼ teaspoon cream of tartar

6 Tablespoons sugar

½ teaspoon vanilla

Mix sugar, cornstarch and water in saucepan.  Stir and boil for one (1) minute.  Beat 1/3 hot mixture into egg yolks.  Add to saucepan mixture.  Boil one (1) minute longer, stirring constantly.  Remove from heat and blend in butter, lemon juice and lemon rind.  Pour into baked 9 inch pie shell.  Beat egg whites until peaks form.  Sprinkle in cream of tartar and sugar and beat well, then add vanilla, beating again.  Spread on pie, being sure to seal edges and bake at 350º until golden brown.  (ten to fifteen minutes, probably, but keep close check on it.


. . . Just because some of you asked!


One more thing — those of you who asked about ordering something from Uppercase Living web site and it counting as credit to my party —

Just go here:

Do your shopping, and you can pay on line and have it shipped to your house — and at the end, they will ask you if you want to have your purchase associated with a party, and at that time, you can put in my name.  It will ship directly to you.  If you have questions, you can contact me.  That’s it!




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What is really, really fun
is baking pies for my party tonight.

I do love me some Lemon Meringue Pie.

So I dug out the Greenwood Mennonite Community Cookbook
(Red Edition)
And looked up a recipe
(that I had put in there a l-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-n-g time ago . . .)

Mrs. Handy’s Lemon Meringue Pie.

Got busy, and they came together wonderfully!

Mrs. Handy sure knew how to make Lemon pies.
She was the Home Ec teacher at Woodbridge High School.
I actually got the recipe from my sister, Sarah Yoder Slaubaugh
(who got it from Mrs. Handy.).


First you gotta’ get those crusts just right!


Then you gotta’ cook that filling just right!
(And fill them thar’ pie crusts!)


 Then you gotta’ beat those egg whites just right!


And add the cream of tartar and sugar.


And beat it some more until it is just right!


Then you put the meringue on the top and spread it around.
If you are Beebs, you do it like this.


(Buckeyegirlie did two of them another way)
And then you bake them again until the tops are golden brown.

And there are the pies, all done. 
Waiting for the party tonight.
And I’ve got a bunch of straightening to do.
So I am outta’ here!

Take heed to this sign.




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On my way to my personal 1,000 Gifts . . .


Tuesday, June 28, 2011–

#603.  A bouquet of flowers,
all picked from bushes and shrubs
that Certain Man has planted at Shady Acres.


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I enjoy using the “doorposts” and the walls of our home to speak to the lives of our family and friends.
Come to see how you can do the same!
There is going to be an “Uppercase Living” party at our house tomorrow night
(Tuesday, June 28, 2011)
at 7pm.
Anyone is welcome, but it would be helpful to know if YOU are coming. 

We have a “room of doors” that is our entryway. Four full size doors in a little tiny “room.” One goes to the garage, one goes to the back deck, one goes to the basement, and one comes into the living areas of the house. I was so pleased when I could put this Uppercase Living “Welcome” sign on the door that comes into the house. It makes it easier for people to know where to go when they are unfamiliar with the house.



We have this above the opening into our sun room.
It is one of my all time favorites.

Uppercase Living has this sort of thing, but they do astonishing things with photographs and such, too. If you want to check out more,
You can go to my demonstrator’s website and look and even order here:



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More to come!


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Wednesday Morning disaster

When you are in the “business” that I am in — providing care for handicapped adults, one of the things that is of utmost importance is being very, very careful with medication.  I handle meds for seizures, schizophrenia, depression, allergies, angina, high blood pressure, anemia, osteoporosis, constipation, stomach acid, asthma, pain, fluid retention, and then over the counter meds such as aspirin, cranberry extract, daily vitamins, etc..
As you can well imagine, due to the fact that I am not as young as I once was, and due to the constraints of time and scheduling, I have to have a plan.  Or else I get mixed up.  One of my rules is that I never, never, NEVER give medication to two different people at the same time.  It is too easy to give the wrong person the medication that has been pulled for another.
And in addition to that, I try to never take my daily vitamins and prescription meds at the same time that I am getting my ladies theirs.
This has worked quite well for a long time.  Not that I never make errors.  I do.  I am human, and flawed.  But it is and always has been my intent to have as few errors as I possibly can.  One of the things I do is take my own medications as soon as I get up.
Yesterday was a very backwards day.  Wednesday is the day that I take my Mama to appointments if we can possibly get things scheduled, pay bills, organize her medications, and whatever else might need doing.  So yesterday, we were scheduled for a dentist appointment in Dover.  I got up and got the morning started, and began a glass of airborne — that I always use to take my morning medications.  But then it was time to get Cecilia up, and so I went about other morning things without taking my pills.  Certain Man came down from his shower and was getting something to drink, and I saw the airborne there and decided to just go ahead and drink it and never even thought to take my pills.  Certain Man left for work, I got breakfast around for my ladies, and started to get Cecilia’s morning pills out.  Then the phone rang, and it was Certain Man, needing to discuss some church business, and wondering what I had to say about the coming weekend.  I remembered then that I hadn’t taken my morning pills, and so decided that I would take mine while I was talking to Certain Man.  I got a glass of water, took the pills from the container that was sitting on the cupboard and swallowed them down.  I finished the conversation with Certain Man, hung up the phone, then went to get Cecilia’s Wednesday morning meds.  They were gone. 
Now I am very slow of heart to understand, and I was puzzled as to where they all were, so I began a search to see if I had set them down somewhere.  I looked and looked and looked, but could find absolutely NOTHING.  Suddenly, almost a heart stopping moment, I began to wonder if maybe — just Maybe I had given them to Nettie.  But Nettie is very, very observant and she knows if she has the wrong pills.  And she won’t take them if they aren’t hers.  Then I noticed that the Wednesday morning container on my medication planner was still full — and in that terrible moment, I realized that I had taken Cecilia’s morning meds.
I cannot begin to tell you what went though my head at that point.  Cecilia is on 1,000 mg of strong seizure meds twice a day.  She takes another seizure med that’s 100 milligrams twice a day, too.  As well as seven other pills with her morning meds.  They started her on both seizure meds on very low, low doses and kept upping it as they felt it was safe.  I kept thinking that I had dumped all that medication into my unsuspecting, unacclimated system, and I couldn’t help wondering what in the world the consequences were going to be.
It was not yet eight o’clock, so I could call neither pharmacist or doctor, so I flew to the trusty “google spot” and discovered that I was probably not going to suffer any lasting effects.  I discovered that I may experience dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, and many, many other things, and that there was “no antidote.”  Groan.  
Eventually, I got ahold of the pharmacist who reassured me that I wasn’t going to die.  He also said, “You may not even suffer any adverse effects.  You might not even be able to tell you took it.”
Yeah, right! 
I said, “I was going to drive my mother to Dover today for an appointment.”
He said, “Well, I don’t know as to whether I’d advise THAT.  You should probably stay home today and take it easy.”
So I called Eldest Daughter, who had been considering going along anyhow, and she said that she would be glad to go along.  And DRIVE!  What a blessing that proved to be.
For you see, I really was pretty much out of it for most of the day.  I couldn’t walk a straight line to save my neck.  Maybe five or six steps, but then it was weave city.  Certain Man and Middle Daughter were so amused.  I did go to Dover, but I didn’t get much accomplished.  And when I came home, I got on my chair and pretty much stayed right there.  I managed to get a simple supper together for my ladies, but I didn’t even consider going to prayer meeting.
Today, I’m a whole lot better.  I can walk straight, and I can make intelligent conversation.  But I am so incredibly tired.  All I want to do is sit on my chair, sip iced tea and sleep.  Which isn’t good at all.  I have a women’s tea to speak at tomorrow night, a state inspection next Wednesday, and there is a Ralph Yutzy Family Reunion here next weekend.  This gal has things to do!
But if taking it easy is what is best for me, then I guess I should give it a few more hours at least. 
At least I don’t think I need to worry about getting a seizure.
If you need anything, I’ll be on my chair . . . 



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Now it came to pass that Shady Acres has enjoyed quite a lengthy respite from the onslaughts of a feline nature for some months.  There have been the usual barn cats, of course, but nary a furry body has bothered the house and its surrounding parameters for some time.

Then a friend brought a cat named “Skits” and dropped it off at the farm because she was unable to keep it, and friends of hers had an unsuccessful attempt at acclimating him to their premises.  Now Skits is a beautiful cat, neutered and accustomed to human company, but decidedly an outside cat.  Or so we have been promised.

There was at least a week when we saw neither hide nor hair of Skits.  We all assumed that he wasn’t favorably impressed with Shady Acres and its large array of barn and chicken house cats and had moved on to more friendly territory.  There is a neighbor who will sometimes take in errant felines, march them off to the vet and deprive them of their abilities to reproduce and then bring them back– sometimes to let them go again, but often to attempt to tame them and keep them domesticated.  In the week that Skits was absent, there was much speculation that maybe neighbor Kit G. had taken him in, finding him already neutered, and that he was enjoying a life of riley there.

No such luck.

There came a day when Skits presented himself at the door of the sunroom, on the newly renovated deck.  He was noisily and insistently announcing his presence and Certain Man was not impressed.  “He better find somewhere else to meow!” he said darkly, “or I shall help him find somewhere else to be and it won’t be any fun for him!”

So Middle Daughter and CMW shooed and “encouraged” and tried to make “being on the deck” as unattractive as possible.  Though Skits really is a beautiful cat, it is disconcerting to the family at Shady Acres to see him stalking birds at the bird feeder, and parking his very beautiful body directly in line with nests full of fledglings, and in general standing sentry over the bird population.

In addition, it seemed like every evening, Skits would present himself outside the windows on the front deck, directly in line with Certain Man’s La-Z-boy and meow away.  This was not met with anything that was even remotely close to approval by the man of the house.  In these instances, there was more than gentle encouragement for the cat to move on.

Over the last few weeks, there have been some improvements made at Shady Acres, one of which was a set of stairs going up to the “upper deck” that Middle Daughter designed on top of the sun room.  One evening, after Certain Man had been especially disgruntled with the obnoxious meows, we were relieved to note that Skits had seeming disappeared from the deck.  It was our hope that he had retired to the barn or the pavilion (or even the middle of the busy highway out front).  Certain Man and his wife retired to their bed, and scarcely had Certain Man’s Wife gotten into bed when suddenly, right outside her second story bedroom window was heard, “Meow.”



Skits had found and appropriated the new steps leading up to the deck.  From there, it was an easy hop over to the roof and on to the interesting windows where he deemed there may be human companionship.

It was nearly impossible to see outside, but CMW peered through the screen, and sure enough, there was Skits, directly outside the screen.  He was standing on his hind legs, with his feet up to the window, looking in and calling out for the attention he so desired.  Certain Man’s Wife was not impressed.  “GIT!!!” she intoned sternly.

“What???” asked a very sleepy Certain Man.

“That cat!”  Said Certain Man’s Wife.  “He’s right outside this window.”

“He better find some place else to be!”  Said Certain Man, “Or he isn’t going to live!”

Well, that was encouragement enough for Skits to drop onto all fours and pad over to the window that is directly in front of Certain Man’s head.  CMW headed over to the bathroom to fetch a large glass of water to throw out through the screen, but in the meantime, Certain Man had pulled himself up onto his elbows and was looking out into the dark of the garage roof.  Skits was plastering himself up against the screen.  CMW set the tall glass of water on the end table and poked her head up over the pillows to see what was going on.  At the very same instant, Certain Man decided that he was going to exercise his manly strength and send that cat flying with a punch through the screen, and his fist caught CMW on the left cheekbone as it went by. 

Wowser!  That smarted.  CMW got out of the way.  Fast.  And Skits took himself on down the roof to the far end.  Certain Man, unaware that he had even connected with CMW’s face kept a sharp lookout out the window, and soon the cat was back.  Certain Man picked up the glass of water and flung it through the screen at the hapless victim.  There was a great splashing noise and Skits took himself hurriedly down the length of the roof to the far end, and Certain Man complained loudly concerning the fact that his bed was wet, his pillow was wet, and life in general was greatly in a mess. 

But then he looked out the darkened window and ascertained that Skits was very much out of reach and wasn’t in any mood to visit the window again, and that made him certain the cat was distracted long enough for him to get into dreamland, so he turned over, pulled the covers up and promptly fell asleep.  CMW, on the other hand, had a most touchy red spot on her cheek, and was completely awake, and unsure that Skits had any intention of settling down for the night. 

When Friend Lydia had asked about bringing the cat, it was Middle Daugher who had given permission, so Certain Man’s Wife decided to call her and ask for assistance.  So she traipsed across the landing to tell Middle Daughter, who promptly got tickled at the situation and willingly agreed to come and help.

So, CMW, clad in her blue nightie, and Middle Daugher, also in her jammies, ventured forth into the night.  And Middle Daughter had a flash light, and CMW armed herself with a garden hose with the great high pressured sprayer end attached.  And whilst the neighborhood slept, including Certain Man, the two fearless ladies did battle with the elusive Skits.  CMW was able to score a direct hit with the water, causing Skits to go flying across the roof, down onto the deck, back up on the opposing roof where she hid behind the edge of the house where CMW could not reach her, even with the fifty foot stream of water.

But that was okay, because Skits had appeared to learn her lesson.  Down the steps he flew once the dangerous females had returned to the house and there has not been anymore nocturnal visits to the upper roof. 

Not that he has gone away for good.

CMW is quite certain that there is more to this story!


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Ordinary Tuesday Morning

Ordinary Tuesday morning.

Usual things happening.
Ladies ready for center with shower given to Cecilia.
Voltaren Gel applied to Nettie’s lower back.
Breakfasts made, lunches packed, meds given.
DART Bus loaded and gone. 

My 1,000 Gifts Journal had some new entries, and time spent with my Favorite Book (God’s Powerful WORD) was causing me to ponder.

But life calls, and it was time to be getting on with this Ordinary Tuesday.

Then I came around the edge of my work counter and caught sight of the family candy dish, sitting there with the cover off.

I look at the almost empty dish.  There are no pink left.  (Eldest Daughter has seen to that.)  There are lots of black, lots of green, and a smattering of the other colors.  I like the black in small quantities, the rest a little more so.  I mix them up a bit, grab a random handful, and of course that gets me to thinking.

Every year at Easter,
Old Gertrude’s family would bring her an Easter Basket.

She loved the chocolates somewhat. 
Usually she would get melted chocolate
all over her face and hands.

But what she loved most of all was the yellow Jelly beans. 
She would pick them out and eat them first
Digging through that artificial green grass stuff
Making a royal mess of things.
But, oh!  How incredibly happy she was.

How incredibly much I miss her this morning. . .

1,000 Gifts . . .June 7, 2011

#334.  Yellow Jelly Beans

#335.  Gertrude (June 15, 1924-October 23, 2005)

May she rest in peace.

#336.  The memories that still fill my heart and eyes.


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Go on over to 


for some pictures about last night’s gathering at Mama’s house


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Oh, yes . . .



She’s riding elephants!!!






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