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  1. Mary where are you housing all these fine folks? Loved the pic of Ruby looking in the eyes of her dear grand baby. I know this weekend is lots of work for you and i’m praying God will tip the scales in favor of the warm memories that are being made. Blessings and prayers going your way.

  2. No words needed!  One wonderful time together.  Our family reunion is in a few days in Iowa.  I am taking Bruce and a grandchild.  Each year I take a different one so they can see where I grew up

  3. My husband attended his Jutzi (aka Yutzy) family reunion in Ontario last Sunday.  There are 3,000+/- descendants from his great-grandparents, but only several hundred were at the reunion.I know you’ll be making lots of good memories!

  4. Looks like lots of fun to me.

  5. Hope things are going well for you this weekend.. Missed you in church this AM

  6. I’m late in coming by, but what a fun time you all must have had!  You have a beautiful family.  I hope you are quite recouperated by now!Blessings from Texas!

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