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Our Newlyweds are home!!!

A Our Newlyweds 1

Even in my joy,
my heart hurts for this girlie’s family.
I never gave it much thought in 1973, when it was me, leaving my family behind.

In other news —
(Drum roll, please!)
I bought a new camera. 
This picture was taken with it, and I think I shall like it quite muchly!!!


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Our Senior

Our Senior 01

Today our baby went off to High School as a Senior.
How did this happen?
Where was I looking when this precious little girl
Became a wonderful young woman?
She’s still precious
(though she doesn’t especially like that adjective).
But she is so much more.

She had a challenging and difficult summer.
There were harsh disappointments.
Difficult relationships at work that she found herself in the middle of.
Changes to our family that tore her heart.
(She loves her brothers’ wives, but she hates change).
And physical injuries that are not yet healed.
She has grown incredibly over the summer
(Though she doesn’t see it)
And she is continually pressing on to more and more maturity.
Her Daddy and I are so proud of her.

And I cannot believe that she is already a senior.
Ah, my little girlie.
Where did my baby go?


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Home at last!
Home at last!!
Praise God Almighty!
We’re home at last!

And I forgot my camera.
And Middle Daughter forgot her camera.
And Youngest Daughter forgot to bring our cameras
when she came after we had forgotten our cameras.
(Even though we called back to ask her to bring them.)
(However, we could not be mad at her when we forgot them in the first place!)

And so, there are no pictures at this house from the wedding this weekend.
(Nephew Joe Slaubaugh and his beautiful Tasha Troyer)
So, so sorry!  Please, someone else needs to post them!


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I grabbed two white buckets this evening.  I noticed that the lima beans needed picking, and I had an hour before small group started.  The most time I ever spend out there is about a half an hour.  Tonight was different.  I finished after most of our small group had arrived.

I found the beans, hanging full and plentiful.  I filled both white buckets, and then got the third one.  Each was filled to overflowing.  From our ten pole lima bean plants.  And I sang my “bean-pickin’ song” and thought about my Daddy.  He would have been so proud of the bean patch that Youngest Brother is tending this year.  He would have laughed at my puny row, but if I told him that my ten plants yielded me six bags of beans for our freezer from one picking, he would have said, “Naw!!!  How ’bout that!?!?!  I don’t know what to say ’bout’cha!”  And if I would have told him how Loretta and Donna and Calvin and Kathy and Li’l Emily had helped me to shell those three buckets of beans after small group, the smiley crinkles would have deepened around his eyes and he would have been so pleased with that kind of friendly help and co-operation.

Oh, my Daddy.  I hunt those beans in and around the vines and think about the golden days I let slip by without even thinking of how precious they were and how quickly you would be gone.  I never really thought about life without you and how it would change everything for us — but how, because of how constant you were, everything would have such a familiar, tender timbre to the melody of every day.  I sometimes still cry for all we’ve lost, but more often I find myself smiling at the sweet, good memories and the knowledge that I’ve been given so much.  Heaven really isn’t so far away, is it?


Oh, one more thing.  My “Bean Pickin’ Song?”

It would be this one.

Her Father’s Eyes

Amy Grant

I may not be every mother's dream for her little girl,
And my face may not grace the mind of everyone in the world.
But that's all right, as long as I can have one wish I pray:
When people look inside my life, I want to hear them say,

She's got her father's eyes,
Her father's eyes;
Eyes that find the good in things,
When good is not around;
Eyes that find the source of help,
When help just can't be found;
Eyes full of compassion,
Seeing every pain;
Knowing what you're going through
And feeling it the same.
Just like my father's eyes,
My father's eyes,
My father's eyes,
Just like my father's eyes.

And on that day when we will pay for all the deeds we have done,
Good and bad they'll all be had to see by everyone.
And when you're called to stand and tell just what you saw in me,
More than anything I know, I want your words to be,

She had her father's eyes,
Her father's eyes;
Eyes that found the good in things,
When good was not around;
Eyes that found the source of help,
When help would not be found;
Eyes full of compassion,
Seeing every pain;
Knowing what you're going through,
And feeling it the same.
Just like my father's eyes,
My father's eyes,
My father's eyes,
Just like my father's eyes.
My father's eyes,
My father's eyes,
Just like my father's eyes.


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Of our three daughters,
We have two still at home.

Last weekend
At the wedding
This little study in contrasts
Caught my eye . . .

Raph's Wedding  M
Ah, my beautiful girlies,

How very much I love you both!!!


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There has been no word from our Newlyweds.  They are somewhere in the Dominican Republic, and I suppose they are having some wind and some rain, but it sounds like the hurricane hasn’t done too much damage there.

I came home from Ohio with a head cold that is about to put me into my bed.  I hate it when my nose is all stuffed up.  I took Blind Linda this morning for a PPD (tuberculin skin test) and I inquired as to whether the good doctor could see me as well.  The Gestapo at the front desk said “NO!” and that made me cross enough that I decided that I would just wait and see if it would just go away.  Usually things get better with time, especially things like colds.  I just don’t really want to drag anything to Daniel’s parents this weekend, but I really want to go to this wedding and to the reunion.

I am putting off doing the reports I need to do for the State for my ladies.  I have the financial reports, the medication reports, the activity reports and the doctor visits to all get ready for the case manager, and I have about as much motivation as a slug under a dark, cool rock.

So, here’s to all you beloved Xanga friends.  I hope you feel a whole bunch more energy than what is floating around Shady Acres today.  And if you have some to spare, tell me how to get it.

No, no.  Wait.  I take my vitamins, I take the supplements that I believe are right for me.  I don’t want information on the latest miracle cure for lethargy, laziness or larceny.  So there!!! 


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The wedding was quite a lovely time.

Raph's Wedding  L
The wedding party

Raph's Wedding  J
Our family

Raph's Wedding  K
Daniel and I with our newly wedded son and his bride

Raph's Wedding  G
Our daughter in law, Jessica

Raph's Wedding  E
Daniel’s sister, Lena

Raph's Wedding  F
Daniel’s sister, Rachel with her husband, Ivan

Raph's Wedding  D
Jesse, Christina and Rachel

Raph's Wedding  C
Rachel with her cousins, Carmen and Holly

Raph's Wedding  B
Raph and Regina, Christina and Jesse

Raph's Wedding
The new Mr. and Mrs. Raphael Mark Yutzy

And thank you to each who prayed for me/us.
The tooth is doing quite well.  
The weekend was a terrific time and we had a wonderful place to stay.
But my, oh, my!
How sweet it is to be home!


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