Home at last!
Home at last!!
Praise God Almighty!
We’re home at last!

And I forgot my camera.
And Middle Daughter forgot her camera.
And Youngest Daughter forgot to bring our cameras
when she came after we had forgotten our cameras.
(Even though we called back to ask her to bring them.)
(However, we could not be mad at her when we forgot them in the first place!)

And so, there are no pictures at this house from the wedding this weekend.
(Nephew Joe Slaubaugh and his beautiful Tasha Troyer)
So, so sorry!  Please, someone else needs to post them!


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  1. How disappointing for you!( and to your Xanga family)  You are so good with words methinks you could describe the wedding and we’d all feel like we had actually seen it. With all the weddings and excitement you and your family have recently had it is very understandable how each of could forget cameras.
    Now that you are home again what is the next scheduled event for you?

  2. Well at least you’ll have beautiful memories!

  3. I’m glad you’re home too!!   We sure have missed you all.     

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