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We had a Mark Yoder Family picnic this week. Certain Man grilled the hamburgers and hot dogs and over saw the cranking of the homemade ice cream.

Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 25

For which there was a LOT of help!

Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 24  Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 19

Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 23

Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 22

(This was my favorite.  Andrew Aycoth wanted to help turn, so Raph was “helping” him.

Of course, there were those who got a little bit sidetracked —

  Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 20

(This almost fits!)

Faces in the crowd:

Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- Buddies

Probably motors and things with wheels is the topic of this conversation!

Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 7

I had another shot of Youngest Sister, but I am under threat of Death if I put it on here!

Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 3

The evening was the best all week, weather wise, and the gathering wasn’t too shabby, either.  One of the reasons we wanted to get together was that Oldest Brother (Clint’s) son, Chip (with the baseball cap) and Chip’s lovely wife, Susan ( (hand to face) are heading back to their jobs in South Carolina early next week.

Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 2

“I wonder what Uncle Clinton is up to now!” Sez Raph.

Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 5

The grass sure is getting brown, but this flower is pretty!


Yoder Family Picnic 007 --  1

Part of the “patio crowd.”  It was so nice to have Ethan and Queena with us.

Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 8

“Almost an engineer” Nephew David joins the crowd on the patio.

The table had its row of folks

Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 6

“Is there food???”  Raph is still catching up from his six months away from the variety he was accustomed to.  Jonathan Weber is living with the Heatwoles this summer (Youngest Sister’s family) so it was expected that he would be here, too.

Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 11 

“There is nothing nicer than a whole lot of people together who love eachother!”


Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 13

Hugs and caring conversations!  Where would our family be without them?

Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 14

Jeremy and Cheryl came in when the food was almost cold, but the reception was warm, and we were so delighted to see them!

Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 26

“I’m just not quite sure about this Beeba-girl.  Mommy, are you sure I’m safe???”


Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 12

Youngest Sister and My Sweet Mama converse by the garage, and survey the crowd.

And then the darkness moved in, and supper was over, people were starting to get chilly.  (Of all things!!!!)

Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 28



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A Golden Day . . .

Now it came to pass that Certain Man and Certain Man’s Wife seldom have time to go away by themselves, but Certain Man determined that he was going to take off from his work and that after a morning appointment in Dover that He and His Wife were going to spend a day away from the noise of phones and such just having a quiet day to themselves.

And so, on Friday, July 20, 2007, they betook themselves to the fair shores of the fine town of Lewes, and decided to ride the ferry from Lewes to Cape May and back again.  It was a glorious day, indeed! 

A Golden Day Lewes terminal 1

The Terminal was fairly bustling with activity.  The ferry in port was one of the largest that the Cape May – Lewes Ferry Corporation owns, and we were delighted to be able to ride it.  The day was perfect.  It was not too hot, a stiff breeze was blowing, and the sky was gorgeous.

A Golden Day flagstaff

Our Flagstaff against the sky.  The wind was keeping the flag straight out.  It was actually a strong enough breeze that there were places that were not comfortable to be!

Delaware’s very own Tall Ship, the Kalmar Nyckel, was in port, and the crew was busy givng tours.  It would have been interesting to go aboard, but we contented ourselves with observing from the deck of our own boat.

A Golden Day -- Tall Ship

Kalmar Nyckel — The Tall Ship.
Read about it here:

We had a few very brief sitings of dolphins, (not long enough to catch any pictures) and the waves were pretty impressive — so much so that Certain Man began to get queasy, so we went below and got a cold ginger ale, found a nice place to sit along the side deck and watched the water slide by.

We passed another, much smaller ferry:

A Golden Day a smaller ferry


And saw this pier as we were coming into Cape May–


A Golden Day a pier


The coast line along Cape May is quite different from the Lewes side:

A Golden Day Cape May wilderness


The boat was not very crowded, and people were pleasant.  The three hour ride was well worth the fare, and we came home with wonderful memories, and a sense of renewal and connectedness that we’ve been desperately needing. 

A Golden Day Home again

Welcome Home!!!


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This is the anniversary of Certain Man and Certain Man’s Wife.

Middle Daughter spent this day with a number of people helping to get her house ready to move into.  She is renting a house for at least a year and it is a wonderful little house, but has been empty for almost a year, so needed some work. 

Family Plays

Are CM and CMW really ready for this precious daughter to move out? 
There have been so many nights of family time and it is nice to call her down from the upstairs to lend a helping hand, give us medical advice, or just the comfortableness of having an adult child that is truly a friend living at home.

Are we really ready???


I don’t really think so.  But it is time (I guess).  She has a job, she is 27, and she needs some independence (I guess).  If the truth were told, she doesn’t really want to go, either, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and the decision was made with our heads.  Hopefully our hearts will follow.

There is a lovely sunroom/porch attached to the back of the house.  It looks like this:

AAA-- The porch

And the view in the other direction from that back porch is very restful:

AAA-- Lakeview 2

This really doesn’t do it justice, but I love the view.  I could sit on her porch for hours and soak it all in.

I wish I had gotten some before and after pictures of the yard with all its flower beds, but I didn’t.  I did get this picture of some of the work force:

AAA-- Five on the Couch 2

Laura, Amy, Ruthie, Rachel and Bekah

Holly also came and helped.

AAA-- Holly 3

As did our fearless youth sponsors:

AAA-- Our Fearless Youth Sponsors

Actually, Oldest Daughter has been a most encouraging helper to her sister:

AAA-- Oldest Daughter

And She and Beloved Son in Law are fixing lunch for us tomorrow in honor of our anniversary.  Life doesn’t get much better than that.  I don’t have to cook Sunday lunch!  (We will be eating at home though, because of the space and also Blind Linda’s aversion to anything unfamiliar.

And here we are, 34 years ago today!

the two of us

Oh, how the years do fly!



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Well, the begonias are bravely blooming in the old flower boxes.

AA-- begonias

And the boys were there for a short while.  Some of you ladies have the nicest grandbabies.  Well, these sweet guys fill that spot in my heart.  (At least a little.)

AA-- looking out the window

The funnest place to be is on the window seat, watching the birds .

AA-- Nevin

Nevin is a little ham — always making us smile.

AA-- Carson

Carson is quickly growing into a “regular boy”
He thinks big thoughts and says big words.
He is not as fond of the camera as he once was.

Nor of hugs!

AA-- Christina and Nevin

“Please, Auntie Chris, don’t squeeze me so hard!”


And the Bible Study Gals took their children to the pool at Becki’s house yesterday.  I will not plague you with pictures of the Grownups, but here are a few of keepers:

AA-- Victoria

Hannah snoozed away:

AA-- Jeron

Jaron is a little water bug!

AA-- Nevin 2

And Nevin’s favorite place to be was on the edge of the pond.  Carson wouldn’t even put his bathing suit on! 

It’s been hot in Delaware, and parts of our little state are still very, very dry (including Milford and Greenwood!).  The State Fair begins next week, and we almost always have rain during the ten days that the fair is going on.  Maybe we should see if they would move it up a few weeks so that the rain that always comes during Fair Week would come in time to save the crops! 


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Once she was our little girl–

Rachel  3

And she is quite a blessing to many people
in many ways:

A Church Gets Cleaned   Washing the windows

She loves her Daddy with a fierce and fine loyalty:

A -- Rachel and her daddy

And she is a willing helper and comfort
to her Momma–

C- Potato Salad Day 2007 Rachel and her Mama

She loves adventure, and is always ready for something new and exciting-

Rachel  4

But when she’s tired, she’s REALLY tired, and can conk out almost anywhere–

C- Potato Salad Day 2007  Rachel sleeps

And we are greatly missing her already and she has only been gone three days! (10 more to go.)

“Have a wonderful time at Choral Camp, Rachel-girl.
Be a faithful Servant.
Do all things as unto the Lord.
Remember how it was to be a camper and homesick,
And love those gals for Jesus’ sake.
your back home fam!


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I don’t want to give anyone a heart attack by updating two days in a row, but I really had been working on an update with some family pictures:


This is our crew about six years ago. Certain Man had just started working for the State of Delaware, and the kids got a portrait taken for him for Father’s day for his office.

The six from long ago

Denim, t-shirts and bare feet.  That was our offspringin’ then!!!


How very much they have changed!  (That kinda goes without saying, doesn’t it?)  This is the picture they got taken for Father’s Day this year.  (They did buy a nice arrangement for the Momma, too!)

The seven

There is still bare feet and some denim, but things have gotten more sophisticated!

Some of you saw these on Christina’s site, so you can just skip them if you want to! 

The three boys

Our crazy, ferhoodled young men–

The four girls

And our (mostly) demure and level-headed daughters.

How very much we love all seven of them!


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Edit:  Finally

has posted his pictures of the picnic.  Go there to see some great ones!!!

Thanks, Joel!!!


One of the reasons that there has been a dearth of pictures on this site is that my camera is broken.  I have a warranty on it, and it has been packed to be sent back — but lack of time on all fronts has hampered a great deal of things (including updating this site)

The Fourth of July picnic was a wonderful time!  We had over 90 people here, but the pictures were not the best–  Here are just a few that I was able to retrieve from the memory card in the camcorder.

What is a picnic without the small fry???

Small Fry

Last year, Victoria was but a little bitty baby

picnic Victoria looks like Daniel

This year, there is a new Garthwaite baby, but I haven’t found a picture amongst the ones I have!

There were relays–

A relay

“Such a wonderful outfit!  I feel so gorgeous!”


“Hurry, hurry, get to the other end!”

Faces in the crowd!


“If I hold my mouth just right, maybe my team will win!!!” (Rachel H.)


“Please don’t take my picture!  I’m trying hard to get out of the way!” (Joanna S.)


After the picnic, the youth group plus some of the younger teens piled into the Big Blue Van from the Nursing Home and went to see the fireworks on The Green in Dover.


Rachel and Jesse wait for the show to begin.  Shortly after the fireworks started, they were ordered to “MOVE!!!”  It seems that pieces from the fire works were falling on the crowd and people were getting hurt.  So “MOVE!!!” they did!  And came home with pieces of firework debris that they had collected.
(Thankfully, all of our group were unharmed.)


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