Edit:  Finally www.xanga.com/BIGFATDUMPYWHITEGUY

has posted his pictures of the picnic.  Go there to see some great ones!!!

Thanks, Joel!!!


One of the reasons that there has been a dearth of pictures on this site is that my camera is broken.  I have a warranty on it, and it has been packed to be sent back — but lack of time on all fronts has hampered a great deal of things (including updating this site)

The Fourth of July picnic was a wonderful time!  We had over 90 people here, but the pictures were not the best–  Here are just a few that I was able to retrieve from the memory card in the camcorder.

What is a picnic without the small fry???

Small Fry

Last year, Victoria was but a little bitty baby

picnic Victoria looks like Daniel

This year, there is a new Garthwaite baby, but I haven’t found a picture amongst the ones I have!

There were relays–

A relay

“Such a wonderful outfit!  I feel so gorgeous!”


“Hurry, hurry, get to the other end!”

Faces in the crowd!


“If I hold my mouth just right, maybe my team will win!!!” (Rachel H.)


“Please don’t take my picture!  I’m trying hard to get out of the way!” (Joanna S.)


After the picnic, the youth group plus some of the younger teens piled into the Big Blue Van from the Nursing Home and went to see the fireworks on The Green in Dover.


Rachel and Jesse wait for the show to begin.  Shortly after the fireworks started, they were ordered to “MOVE!!!”  It seems that pieces from the fire works were falling on the crowd and people were getting hurt.  So “MOVE!!!” they did!  And came home with pieces of firework debris that they had collected.
(Thankfully, all of our group were unharmed.)


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  1. Great pictures! Looks like much fun. A terrible time to have a camera on the blink.

  2. Sorry about the camera……the pics you do have are good ones!  Thanks for sharing them.

  3. looks like everyone had fun!!

  4. I got on your site from Polly’s and wanted to say hello!

  5. Glad you had a great turnout. Ninety people is quite a bunch!
    I can so identify with you missing your daughter. She has scarcely been gone 24 hours, but I miss mine already!! I’m afraid I’ll be a wreck when she leaves for college. I just try not to think about that. She is such a treasure.

  6. it was a gorgeous day for a picnic!

  7. Glad you had another good picnic at Shady Acres – minus the drama of a thunder storm! I hope your camera can soon be back in use again.

  8. i thought of you all, and how there wouldn’t be a great need for water fights this year. what a beautiful day it was!

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