Shady Acres is gearing up for the Annual July 4th picnic.

Some pictures from last year to whet your appetite–

July 4th picnic --  The Famous Jones Express

We plan to have the train again– so come on, kiddoes!

July 4th picnic --  Caleb and Kaleb

There will be big friends and little friends.  These two have the same name — Caleb and Kaleb

July 4th picnic --  Fixing the hamburger 1

We plan to have food — Maybe not crabs this year, (but we won’t turn them down, Loretta B.)

July 4th picnic --  Fixin' the H'burg

Hamburgers and hotdogs in aplenty.  Youngest Daughter with her favorite condiment.

July 4th picnic --  five cousins

Bring your friends and your cousins — pose for a picture or two.
(These five are all Mark Yoder, Sr.’s grandchildren
From left to right, Tim (Mark, Jr.’s) Carmen (Alma’s) Maria (Sarah’s) Rachel (our’s) and Holly (Mark Jr.) 
These five were born in less than four years.


July 4th picnic --  frying hamburgers 2

Certain Man runs the grill, and JR often helps out.  Here, Joel lends a helping hand, too.

July 4th picnic --  Nice perch

And you can always find a place to sit!  We watch out for the small fry, even when they are in the middle of the road!

July 4th picnic --  getting on the swing

It is fun to twirl away on the swing.  Here a little Mast lady gets her turn.



July 4th picnic --  relay races 2

What good is a picnic on a hot Fourth of July without water relays???  Young Mr. Wilkie does his part.

July 4th picnic --  MIC Loretta and Robert

And then there is ice cream to churn.  Tsk, tsk.  Mr. Robert sits while ThisisLoretta does the work!

July 4th picnic --  MIC Mike

With neighbors and church family and relatives and friends, short order is made of hand churning three big tubs of ice cream.

July 4th picnic --  sudden squall

A sudden storm can put a damper on things in a hurry!

July 4th picnic --  storm wet people  Rach

Literally.  But it didn’t stop the fun!

July 4th picnic --  storm garage 2

Oh.  Scary!!!

Happy Laundry

Several days later, all is pretty much back to normal.

The purpose of this post is just to let you know that if any of you can make it, we’d be glad to have you!!!

Wednesday afternoon, any time after 3:00 at Shady Acres Farm
.  We plan to eat at 5:30-6:00. 
Bring potluck picnic foods, we supply hamburgers and hotdogs.
Help with the drink is always appreciated.

Hope to see you here!

(By the way, if you want to see all of last year’s pictures, go to my posting on July 6, 2007.  That was a LONG, long version of this one and it tells the whole tale.


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  1. I sure would come if I could be in 2 places at once! Looks like great fun last year. Oh how my G’kids would have loved that train,now they are all about too old.

  2. I left you a message about the picnic, did you get it?

  3. I remember your last year’s entry!  It was some day!  Have a great one this year, hopefully without the rain.

  4. Sitting on the freezer to hold it down is an important job.  It takes great skill to do.

  5. Oh how I miss the 4th celebrations. It is such a blessing to you and your family and the children!!! They must just love it. Here in Tucson it is over 110, dry like an oven, people don’t even go out for fear of heat stroke! and only a select few fireworks which are packed with cars and people partying and not with legal things so belligerence goes right along with that I attended one at a local baseball stadium a few years ago where I watched a man and woman fist fight (arghhhhh) thanks goodness my children were not there to witness it. anyway………hope everyone has a great time at your 4th celebration!

  6. oh how I  wish I could come but alas it is to far 

  7. You surely must mean July 6, 2006… You’re racing way ahead of yourself Buckeyegirlie!  LOL

  8. You got it, SQK– And I am quite grateful that it isn’t July 6th yet.  I wouldn’t want to miss the picnic!

  9. You make me wish we lived in Delaware. That looks like such fun, but alas, our daughter and family from Florida will be arriving the next day, and we have LOTS to accomplish on July 4th.

  10. Just checking in and saying a warm and friendly “hello”.

  11. I wonder if you had your picnic and if you had as good a time as you did last year? btw, are any of your clan going to Choral Camp, 2nd week, this year? Megan and I will be there, and we are really looking forward to it!

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