A year and a half has passed. . .

For most of the first year
My hands were on “automatic.”
My mind was on “pause.”
And my heart was on “broken” and “numb.”

And then one wintry day, A Christmas Carol
And the ageless story of a Baby,
Come to carry my sorrows,
Broke through my Decembered grief.
And Spoke Life.  And Healing.  And Comfort.
To what I thought was the coldest grief of all.

And I believe the healing will go on,
Though now I’m feeling it all again.
The “doing because I must”
The paralysis in my brain.
The silent wounded heart.
The scars in the ground belonging to people I love

So much to rejoice about —
A well-fnished course.
A son home from a far country.
A marriage proposal on the beach.
Youngest Daughter’s new job.
Bible School in full and happy swing.
Enthusiastic, energetic teachers and helpers.
Family reunions.
Company Coming

And I do rejoice.
But looking in the mirror this morning,
I see the eyes looking back
And am startled by the sadness.
Something bigger than the joy
Is sitting on my mind and heart.
And my hands feel like they
Weigh a ton.

This will never do!
The LORD is here.
In every crazy, mixed up minute.
In every sorrow, burden, worry.
He is Here!
He is here to keep His promises.
He is here to bear the burdens.
He is here to never go away.
He is here to stay my restless, weary heart.
He Promised!!!
He will do it!


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8 responses to “

  1. Isn’t He wonderful!  Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Thanks for sharing that I really needed to hear it. 

  3. I can relate to so much of this, dear lady. I think that He knows we are clinging to His promises and believing every word even when the joy doesn’t quite reach our eyes. He created us – emotions and all. He knows us – inside and out. May you feel Him especially near today. { hugs }

  4. Hello , Hope you have a great week and week-end now. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Mary Ann, in my prayers I am lifting those hands of yours that seem to weigh a ton. Your words touch my heart so deeply.

  6. Jesus – what a precious name. He is our Friend and Healer. He is sooooooo amazing!!

  7. He just brings soooo much meaning, purpose, and fulfillment to every little or big thing…if we let Him.

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