For some great pictures of our offspringin’s and Beloved Son in Law and Girl with the Beautiful Heart

 go to:


Those seven people surely do light up our lives!



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  1. You must fill blessed.  I would say there isn’t many dull moments at your house!

  2. It looks like they had so much fun doing those pictures! You will always look at those pictures and remember that this was the Summer ‘when’ (OS came home, YS became engaged, MD graduated, etc. etc.) What a treasure!

  3. Those pix are sure nice. I love the black and white clothing. Very good pictures! Do you have a favorite pose amont them?

  4. they are very nice! i love how relaxed and happy everyone looks.

  5. Mary Dear, What wonderful pics of some might fine folks!  I love the one of the guys cracking up. 

  6. I love them all. What a GREAT gift for Father’s Day and for you as well. How wonderful for all them to be able to be in the same place at the same time. It’s been so long since that happened for our children.

  7. I loved those pictures.  It does look like they had fun.

  8. Still no baby ~ and she is getting more and more uncomfortable.  Yes, she is still in the hospital.  Hopefully this week ~ maybe Thursday.

  9. I enjoyed those pictures it made them look like a fun loving bunch!

  10. Anonymous

    Finally made it over there to see the pictures, and they look great!  I really like them, where did they get them done?  Momma and Daddy should be “proud” of their crew, good job ~

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