Today, Certain Man’s pickup went to the shop.  Something in the catalytic converter blew back and messed up something in the muffler.  I don’t understand it exactly.  It was supposed to be fixed by tonight.  It isn’t done.  “Tomorrow” says the repairman.  There was more wrong than anticipated.

Certain Man took Certain Man’s Wife’s beloved mini-van to work.  Coming home, the transmission blew.  (I’ve been a little concerned about that, to be honest with you!)  Certain Man is sitting at Laws Mennonite Church where it conveniently coasted, waiting for the tow truck.  His usual optimism faileth him. 

Certain Man’s Wife is feeling quite remorseful.  About six weeks ago, she talked him into fixing the air conditioning on the van instead of trading it in.  Alas, it is another case where it appears that CM really did know best.   

But now, since there is so much money in the air conditioning, Certain Man is saying that we will have to fix the transmission.  “We can’t afford to throw a thousand dollars down the drain!” he explains patiently.  “We need to drive this van another year and half to recoup our investment!

Sometimes life just comes to fast.  I am especially thinking about the fact that Certain Man’s pickup really needs replaced and that it does not even have air conditioning.  He drives it cheerfully and enthusiastically.  It meets his needs, he says, and he sees no need to get a new (read, “Different!”)  one.  Youngest Daughter loves to drive it, though she and her sisters have affectionately named it “Stinky,” and have good cause to have chosen that name.

It will be interesting, indeed, to see how all the people get to work tomorrow from Shady Acres!


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  1. Oh, Mary Ann, how my heart goes out to you. We have been there too many times. Somehow we all made it through those “when it rains, it pours” times, but I remember one fall in particular when I wasn’t at all sure we would. I’ll be lifting your dear family to the Lord.

  2. oh dear I can sympathize with you in your transmission troubles  We have  had several vehicles with tranmission problems . THey seem to follow us around.  New( different) vehicles can be so expensive right now we are basically a one car family.  Hubby has a company vehicle but we try not to use it for personal things.   We have a little pickup that has not ran for over a year sitting in our drive  and my antique Crosly which is also not road worthy sitting in the garage.  We want to sell the small pickup  fix the crosley and would like to buy a full size heaavy duty pickup.  We stopped at a car dealer tonight to check on the price of one.  $30,000+   Wheww wee  Way out of our price range ..  It was  a little to new for us!!!     So we will just continue to juggle our schedules on the weekend with the mini van!!!  Best wishes on trasportation arrangemnets tomorrow  I would offer our services but alas I am to far away!

  3. If I lived near you I’d come by your home and I’d loan you our ’89 Toyota pickup. We’ve not had one speck of trouble with it and you’re welcome to borrow it. Sorry to hear of the vehicle trouble,indeed as jrtjs1950 says,”when it rains it pours”. Hope things get better.

  4. sorry about your all troubles! Hope you still have a good day.

  5. I can also relate to your car trouble…the devil must be getting into all the cars in this community lately…so many people have been having trouble! If you ever find those pictures that Wade did we would love to see them! We have some of the other artistic stuff that he did later in his life. I know Charlie and Maynard would both love it if you found them!

  6. Ditto to what Shmackley said!  I would LOVE to see those papers that Uncle Wade did.  I have quite a few things of his – since they gave them for presents.  He was so talented.  Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit that Welfley gene.
    So sorry for the car problems – my air conditioning is being fixed at the moment  – so I know the pain of parting with almost $1000!!!     

  7. I feel for you.. car trouble is such a pain and bit annoying.. I can attest to that.. Just a month ago, I had a blown head gasket, clogged mercedes catalytic converter and worn brake pads and rotors.. *sighs* I took a couple of days before my car is fixed plus I ended up paying a couple of $$$ for the said repair. Thank god, my car is back and working well. I wish no more car trouble in the next years.. Anyways, good luck with your car and I certainly hope that you’ll able to fixed it. 🙂

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