I came down to the early morning darkness of Friday with a great sense of need.  The things done this week were things that I really felt like I needed to do, but it was Friday already, and we were getting weekend company.  And I was nowhere near ready.  There was shopping left to do, food to prepare, house to clean, beds to make. 

 The first morning hours flew by as lunches were packed and ladies were bathed and dressed and fed and finally out the door to their respective centers.  Youngest Daughter needed a ride to work, and so I decided that I would take her, swing by the grocery store on the way home, and then “do my best and leave the rest” as far as housework was concerned.

I was playing a CD on my car stereo as I pulled into the parking lot.  I sat there, listening to the words as the music swirled around me.

If He Hung the Moon  (Talley)

In the beginning of time,

He was the Creator,

And into existence He spoke the heavenly blue,

And with one mighty swoop of His hand,

He threw out the stars,

He knew where they’d land,

So if you think, you’re just drifting along,

I have good news.



And if He hung the moon,

I know He will help you,

And if He holds the sparrow in flight,

He’ll hold you too,

Just consider the lilies of the field,

How much more He loves you,

In the beginning of time, you were on His mind,

When He hung the moon.



Now you may feel like the world,

Lays hard on your shoulders,

And even your closest friend in life is pulling away,

Though you have tried so hard and lost,

There is still hope,

Just look to the cross,

There you will see just how much the Savior really,

Really loves you today.





In the beginning of time,

You were on His mind,

When He hung the moon, Oh, Lord,

When He hung the moon

I knew that if I thought about it too much, I would cry, so I whispered a prayer to my Heaven and said, “Lord Jesus, I don’t know how you will help me, but I believe that you can — that you WILL– see me through.”  And I gathered my coupons and purse and headed into the store. 

While I was heading down the coffee aisle, my cell phone rang.

“Where are you???”  asked a familiar voice. My Youngest Sister.

“I’m in the store.  Where are you?” 

“I’m here, at your house.  I came to help you clean, and you aren’t here.”

“I know, but I had to take Rachel to work, and now I am getting groceries . . . I can hurry straight home, though.”

“No, don’t rush, but what can I do until you get here????”

And so, I gave her some things to keep her busy until I got home, and got on with finishing my great shopping expedition.  I finished up, came out of the store, and got into my van. 

“And if He hung the moon. . .” came on all over again, and this time, I didn’t even try to not cry.  The presence and love of the Heavenly Father came crashing over me in waves.  And it was such an encouraging thing.  I came home, Younget Sister stayed to help to an amazing finish, and this whole weekend has been just way better than anticipated.  When I am tempted to forget, I am reminded of His special care over me on Friday, and trust that it will all work out for good.

What a Mighty God we serve!


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  1. I am so blessed that your sister was able to come help you! I must confess, I wanted that to be me. After we talked on Tuesday eve., I wanted to be able to come help you get ready for your weekend. Then I woke up Wednesday morning with horrible back pain – whoever knows why. I have no idea. And I’m still having problems with it. I’ve not accomplished very much at all the rest of this week.   So glad your weekend is going well.

  2. Neat post.  Many times God shows up in our lives in the form of a person.

  3. How great for you that  you were able to see the help of the Lord through your sister

  4. That’s our God! TGBTG!   Praise to you to SEE HIM and your sis to be His Hands and Feet.

  5. Dear Sweet BEG,what an inspiring post! Yours usually are and give me pause to look to the Lord.
    Here in Southern Iowa we are preparing for Dominie’s visit and a the week ahead. I shall have a grandaughter here for the 1st time without her father and the 1st time since she was too small to remember I am excited about it.
    I love “do my best and leave the rest”. Things have a way of working out don’t they. Very nice post and how nice of  your sister! We do serve a Mighty God! Enjoy your weekend and your visitors.

  6. What an encouraging post! What an awesome God we serve, to care so much for us that He will send a song at the right time, and not only a song, but a sister to physically be there to help!
    Also, I recognized some of the faces on the front of the Brotherhood Beacon this last month, including your sweet Daddy and other members of your family.

  7. Prayers do get answers!  What a sweet sister you have.

  8. What a sweet gift your sister and our Jesus gave you!  I’m so glad. 

  9. I was waiting for a call from you before this weekend… but I’ll take a raincheck…let me know.

  10. Bless your dear sister for being available to bless you like that! And praise the Lord for orchestrating it all, including the song!

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