Wow!  The last three weeks have been one incredible jumble of activity and joy — and sorrow!

May 24th — Middle Daughter Graduated from Nurses’ Training.

May 28th — We had a Memorial day cookout as a graduation party, and Oldest Son began his trek home from Nepal.

May 29th — Gracegiven’s sweet baby was born, my Uncle Johnny passed away, and Oldest Son arrived in Columbus, OH to begin debriefing.

May 31st — Certain Man made a decision at 10 PM to go and pick up Oldest Son  in Ohio.  We had made other plans to fetch him home, but when Certain Man learned of Oldest Son’s intense desire to have his dad come, he couldn’t bear not to go.

June 1st — Certain Man and Youngest Daughter left at 4 AM to go to Ohio and were back in Delaware before 9 PM that night.  A thousand miles later, and Oldest Son WAS HOME!

June 3rd —  The viewing and calling hours for Uncle Johnny.  So many wonderful people.  Never enough time to talk.

June 4th — The funeral for Uncle Johnny.  Uncles and Aunts and Cousins by the bushel, a cousin’ choir, and wonderful memories.

June 5th — Youngest Daughter begins her first “real” job!

June 6th — Dover appointments with my Sweet Mama.

June 7th — Church picnic at the Browns Branch County park for a 16th birthday party

June 9th — A trip to New York City for a graduation.  A fun side trip into Chinatown. While on the subway, Certain Man’s Wife’s cell phone rang. It was Youngest Son calling from the beach.  He had news.  Girl With The Beautiful Heart said “YES!!!”   Certain Man and His Wife give thankful praise.

June 10th — Birthday brunch for Friend June.  Church at Followers of Jesus Mennonite Church.  Lunch at 51 Logan Street — Then home to Delaware.

June 12th — Case Manager visit, and Our Girl Nettie’s yearly physical.

June 13 — Morning at my Sweet Mama’s house, and then to Lewes for an afternoon psychiatrist visit for Our Girl Nettie.  Small group tonight.

Whew!!! Believe me, I have hardly had a spare minute on my computer.  And I am trying to be better at controlling it, too, since Certain Man gently indicated last week that he thinks I spend too much time in here.  Well, I guess he just might have a point.  And with company coming this weekend — this house is in serious need of  some concentrated domesticated activity.


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  1. It is so very good to see an update from you My Dear BEG. Your CM may be right I do believe I spend an inordinate amount of time on my computer. Little snippets of time do add up. We have not been as busy as you but busy nevertheless. This coming week shall be quite busy as Dominie will be here and we hope to entertain her in grand style. I also shall have a 10 year old granddaughter here and I am really looking forward to it. Take care and enjoy these family times!

  2. Mary Ann I simply love it when I see buckeyegirlie jump to the top of my subscribers list.  How do we get life to slow down?  I have been trying to enjoy my birds a little more this year.  When I take a short “sitting spell” on my porch swing, I love to watch my hummingbirds.  I’ve also gotten to know a big bird who sits on top of the light pole and does it’s little dance to attrack the male.  Yesterday was to cold and I missed my “sitting spell”. 
    I need to run.  More sewing is needed to be done for this wedding.  Sometime this morning Jeremy, Cheryl and Sweet Baby Max will be coming.  They have settlement on their Greenwood House.  I’m planning on dropping everything when they come.   Love you,  Polly

  3. Whew, and today you’re coming up here?  You are a busy lady.   I hope you will have time to clean and a good weekend with company!

  4. My head is spinning just reading your post.  You must be in need of some quiet time at the computer.  My husband and I have finally come to an understanding about “my computer time”.  He saw it as a waste of my time when I should be doing other things.  I told him, “Now look!  I make no complaint or should remarks when you go play bocce or golf or go to the gym or out to lunch with the guys.  This is my time to put a little enjoyment and fun in my life. You go and have fun as you like and I will do the same with no ‘shoulds’ included”.  I can just see him biting his tongue as he starts to say that prohibited word I should! LOL

  5. Wow, I don’t know how you do it….
    Bless your heart 

  6. You are a busy lady!  Congratulations on the engagement of your son.

  7. So good to hear from you, my dear. We do all need to find, in agreement with our husbands and the Holy Spirit, what is the right balance of doing for others and doing for ourselves.

  8. Hmm….is youngest son still writing on his blog?  I’d be curious as to what question Girl with the Beautiful Heart said “yes” to.  I mean, it might have been anything, so I think he needs to get a little more specific for some of us denser ones.  So CM thinks you spend too much time on the computer – well, I guess I’ll have to have a little talk with him.  I would be in full support of you going right on doing what you’re doing. 

  9. Sounds like a bit much; but I wonder how many of us xanga bloggers would shudder at the site if we were willing to be honest enough to catalog our really full times as you so aptly have. I’ll tell you the same thing I told to the wife (who hadn’t been out of the house in 2 weeks) of a Hospice client: go to the park and run your toes through the grass, and eat an ice cream cone on your walk home. Your park, your toes, your ice cream; nobody else’

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