Today we said “good-bye” to another Yoder Boy.  There were eight of them, by the time the last one came in 1932.  The funeral had the flavor of the other one.  My Daddy’s.  There were alot of the same people.  It was at the same place.  We ate almost exactly the same things.  The Cousins’ Choir sang.

The nieces and nephews have become better friends in the last decade.  We’ve gotten older.  Family ties mean more.  But also, thanks to the internet and a strange family group named “Yodelings”  (I don’t know how we came up with that — I wanted “Yoderlings.”) we KNOW each other.  And for the Yoder funerals, it has become a tradition that the cousins who can make it, sing together in a  “Cousins’ Choir.”  We sing our Grandpa Dave’s favorite song, “If On A Quiet Sea” and also a song that is picked by the family of our loved one that we are laying to rest.

The service today was full of song.  Meaningful Song interspersed between meaningful words.  “Praise to God, Immortal Praise”  and “There’s a City of light” sung by the congregation.  Then,  “Hand and Hand With Jesus” and “The Lord is Coming, Are You Ready” by the male quartet of which Beloved Son in Law is a member.  (I like all four fellows in that quartet, but I really do like our son in law the best!)  Then our Cousins’ Choir sang, “The Hem of His Garment” and “If On A Quiet Sea.”  The congregation had another song, “Lift Your Glad Voices” and then, in a different twist, there was a “canned’ song at Aunt Dottie’s request.  “Leave Me a Message” by Kirk Talley. 

It was an altogether fitting and proper meeting.  From the graveside service (held before the memorial service) ’till the very last of the food was erased from the premises.  It was a most rewarding and special day, and I am quite grateful for the opportunity to be there and to be a part. 


The Greenwood Community did what it does best today.  Incredible working together;  good friends, good help, good food, good support, good, good people.  I really don’t think there is another community that is quite like this one when it comes to the different churches working together.

I was specifially thinking about all the hands involved in making things go so smoothly today.  Hands that set up for the funeral, then the ones that took down chairs and set up tables and covered them and set the chairs back in the space of less than a half hour, and then cleaned everything up afterwards.  There were hands that were small, big, rough from working in chicken houses, chapped from dishwather, wrinkled with age, smooth, young and strong.  Everyone did what they could.  We had dads and grandpas and sons and brothers and moms and grandmas and daughters and sisters all working together to make the work light.  When I looked at the clock tonight and realized that it was barely six o’clock and everything was pretty much finished up, I was so proud of the Body of Christ and the tangible way they spoke love today.

And Yes, Eldest Son is HOME.  I hope that I can post some photos later.  After some time to recuperate a bit!







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  1. Just recently I was reading that the Body of Christ is a Community of Love.

  2. What a heartwarming post! This is the picture of what the Body of Christ should be. And I’m so eager to hear and see more of Eldest Son’s homecoming. But please do take time to enjoy him and recuperate first!

  3. Through your post I feel like I know the people that were there. What a wonderful thing to see the Body of Christ working together, edifying each other, and comforting those who are downcast with grief and other situations. May we all learn from this example and be a true Body of Christ no matter where we are, what situation we are in, whether in times of joy, or times of sorrow. May God continue to comfort you and your family during this time. ~Sue

  4. Dear Friend, great post, very sweet tribute to your community. Welcome home to Eldest Son! Get some rest and enjoy this time!

  5. Thanks for praying for Jere and Kristen.  This will be their fifth child (4th boy).  Yes, she has big babies.  Josh weighed 11 lbs.  This baby already weighs 6 lbs. when normal at this stage is 4.  If the pain continues they will probably do a c-section or induce labor a couple of weeks before her due date – 3rd week in July.
    She has pins in both hips from some joint deteriotaion (probably due to a sledding accident when she was young), and the doctors were concerned that the pins and pregnancy were the cause of the pain, but they don’t think that is the problem.  This is her first pregnancy since she has a pin in both hips. 
    Doctors think that she was just doing too much the past month.  Her brother died of a drug overdose and she oversaw the food for the fellowship meal afterward.  (She is not from a Christian family, so took it upon herself to provide a meal for friends and family who came to the memorial service.)
    Then last week was the school auction – and she and Jere are the auction coordinators.  I think she is now convinced to REST a bit.  🙂  She planned to come home yesterday, until the doctors decided to do one more test to make sure the baby is doing okay with the meds they are giving Kristen.  The test was done last night, and Jere just called to say he passed with flying grades!  PTL.  However, she had a restless night because they took her off of the meds for four hours to do the test.

  6. ryc: usually any decision for the yard work is left to me,although sometimes I detect some grumbles from RL.LOL 

  7. Checking in on you………..leaving my “hello”  as I’m thinking of you.

  8. Did you recuperate yet? I keep checking! I miss you, but that’s okay. No pressure.

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