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Tonight, I had a few words with Oldest Son.  He is back on American soil.  He is very weary from a trip that lasted 36 hours.  My heart can barely contain the joy of knowing that he is “home” again.

This afternoon, my Uncle John, my precious Daddy’s brother, quietly went home to Heaven.  He has had a long journey.  And the days were getting more and more difficult.  I was sitting here tonight, thinking about my joy at Oldest Son’s homecoming, and my heart is suddenly alive with the thought of our Heavenly Father, welcoming Uncle John HOME.  Home:  Where there is no more pain, no more sorrow, no more crying.  He’s left the oxygen tubes, the difficult breathing, the body that has become increasingly unreliable, and he is HOME.  And I believe the Father’s heart is full of joy, so glad to have him HOME.

We are going to miss him here.  His presence and his personality could fill a room with laughter or gloom depending on his orientation.  I loved to hear him pray.  One of the last times he prayed in church, he prayed for a neighborhood child who has been coming to Sunday School, and the prayer was full of love and concern and understanding and hope. 

He was so supportive of church activities.  I took this picture on a cold November night in 2005, when our church came for a hot dog roast on the back pasture followed by a hay ride.  He loved hot dog roasts, and he always came with his sticks sharpened and ready.  He could make a mean hot dog!

Uncle Johnny 2


The thing he loved to eat almost better than anything else was crabs.  At the last Fourth of July Picnic, Freeman and Loretta Beachy came with two bushels of crabs, fresh that very morning, and he couldn’t wait to get his hands on them.  Picking out crabs takes practice, and this man had it down to a science

Uncle Johnny


And then, last fall, we had another late season hot dog roast and hay ride, and we knew it would be too cold for some of our older people.  So some of us made soup in addition to the usual hot dog fare, and my Sweet Mama, Aunt Dottie and Uncle John, and Uncle Eli and Aunt Ruth stayed by the fire in the house, and we brought Shrimp Chowder and Chicken Corn Noodle Soup and Taco Soup and whatever else they thought would be good.  Here the “house crew” is, sitting around the table and enjoying eachother’s company as well as keeping warm. 

Uncle Johnny 1

Soldier won the battle,
He’s in Gloryland somewhere.
Soldier won the battle,
No more aging there.
Living now with Jesus
Waiting ’till we come.
Busy for the Master,
Forever, always young.
~Joel Hemphill


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Tomorrow is a momentous day in the life of our family.

We are celebrating Deborah’s Graduation with a cookout here at Shady Acres in the early evening.  (If you want to come, and missed out on getting invited, come anyway!  Call or message me for details)

Oldest Son, Lord Willing, begins his homeward journey.  I am so thankful, I can hardly contain myself.  (And why are all those tears I couldn’t cry when he left catching me flat-footed at every turn???)

Son, if you are somewhere reading this — I was told today that the whole community is glad you are coming home.  God Speed, my Son.  It’s been a long six months!


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D's Grad -- Flowers

Beeba’s Flowers

So often at Graduation, it seems like Roses are the thing that is given, and Certain Man and I had discussed just what kind of flowers we should get for our girl.  Deborah is our yard and garden girl.  She loves the peonies that grow prolifically in the fence row and just this week, they have burst into color.  On impulse, yesterday morning, I asked Certain Man if he thought we could get someone to do an arrangement of peonies for Deborah’s flowers.  He was enthusiastic in his support.  So I called Violet — the best arranger of flowers there is (private or otherwise) — and asked if she could do a last minute favor for us.   She was very accommodating– even to the point of coming down and picking the flowers.  She followed me down into my dungeon where I keep old vases and such, and there we found an antique chicken waterer that I have found can be inverted to make a perfect “bowl” vase, and she was certain that she could make good use of that.  The result was extravagantly exquisite.  We could not have asked for anything more appropriate for our farm/flower/nurse girl.  She was speechless when she saw it, and then effusive in her appreciation for something “home grown.”  We are all enjoying it immensely today.  I wish I had taken a picture when it first was delivered, but this will still give you an idea of how beautiful it was.

Violet, if you are reading this, Thank you again!  This arrangement was literally perfect in every way!


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Graduation is over — This post is especially for far away family who have asked to see the pictures of this evening!

D's Grad-- the class

The 2007 Graduating Class of Beebe School of Nursing.  Deborah is second from left in the front row.

D's Grad-- Deb and Teresa

This is Deborah and Teresa, her traveling companion and friend.  They have logged alot of miles together in thes last two years.  For you locals who have gone past our house and wondered who in the Shady Acres Crew has bought a red PT Cruiser — Wonder no more.  Teresa is the owner of that pretty little car.  And the weeks that Deborah drove her bug to school, the Cruiser sat in our yard.

D's Grad-- Beauty Parlor

Because Deborah knew more about bobby pins and keeping things on her head than many of the girls did, she was called upon to help make sure the nurses hats stayed where they belong.  Not a simple task, to be sure, but no one lost their cap during the ceremony.

D's Grad-- Deb and her Grandma

Deborah and her Grandma Yoder.  These occasions certainly make us miss Deborah’s Grandpa.  I think it is especially difficult tonight for Deborah.  She and her Grandpa not only shared a birthday (fifty years apart) but he was always such an encourager, and quiet source of joy.  If he is looking down, I know that he is pleased.  “How ’bout that!” he’d say with his proud grin.  “I don’t know what to say about ‘cha!”

D's Grad-- Deborah Yutzy RN

Deborah Yutzy, Graduate Nurse
Valedictorian of the Class of 2007




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Graduation Day!!!

Congratulations, Deborah-Girl!!!

grad 5





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 45 years ago, my little sister, Alma Jean (Yoder) Heatwole was born — On her Grandma, Alma (Lauver) Wert’s 61st birthday and one week after her Aunt Alma Jean (Wert) Yoder’s Birthday.  Today, when asked if she was doing anything special, she replied that her husband said that she wouldn’t need  to get up to milk, so she had slept in.  But she declined a lunch invitation because she wanted to stay home and do what she loves most — working in her beautiful yard and flower gardens.


C-Alma and Jerrel

Happy Birthday, Sis!

I’m so glad that God sent you to our family!


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Revelation 21

Sitting in Sunday School
Hearing my Beloved Sisters
Reading the Bible Words
About Heaven.

And I think about it
The City of Transparent Gold
The Lamb, Himself the Light
And no more night.

And no more pain
And no more sorrow
And no more crying
And no more death.

These tears that fall here
Will be all wiped away.
We shall know as we are known
And the Mystery will be gone.

My Precious Daddy.
I wonder what he’s doing now.

How can such a Wondrous Hope
And Exquisite Joy
Still be such a wrenching void
And Incredible Grief?

The comfort is to know
And someday,
Some Glorious Morning,
We shall be there, too!


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For pictures from the Potato Salad day that happens every year around this time — Go to Oldest Daughter’s website at:

(These two days have been too busy for me to come up with a posting.  Sorry!)


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Last year, for our 33rd wedding anniversary, Certain Man bought this arbor for me, and installed it in our fence row.  I had been asking for an opening in the fence so that I could get to the front yard without going all the way around, and he always has such good ideas, and this arbor was the result:

B- Arbor

We found two climbing rose bushes — one at Lowes in Dover and one at Lowes in Lewes.  The were the same color number, but different sizes.  When we bought the first one, we thought it was going to be a deep red because of the buds that were on it- 

B- Rose bud 2

How wrong we were!

B- Roses, Roses

(We are still delighted with them.  The colors are just perfect!)

The Rhododendrons are blooming  I thought they had been damaged beyond coming back, but, as you can see, They were NOT!

B- Pink Rhododendrons

But the Red ones, though beautiful —

B- Red Rhododendrons 1

Are not nearly as far along as the lavender ones.

B- Red Rhododendrons

I haven’t gotten my flower beds planted yet, but have been the recipient of two hanging baskets:
This one from my sister, Sarah:

B- Sarah's basket

I love these geraniums!


And this one from Oldest Daughter and Beloved Son -in-law. 

B- Jess and Chris's basket

This one is impressive, too!

The spring has been so unusual, but the flowers are spectacular.  The beauty is almost overwhelming!




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Deb laughs

It’s official!!!

Our Student Nurse passed her last final with a 95%

And she is done with school!!!

Graduation in 8 days

And a job waiting in Intensive Care!

Ah, our Deborie-girl!!!

We are so thankful for God’s incredible Grace

And for your dedication and Hard work!

Just in case you didn’t know, we’re so proud of you!


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