Last year, for our 33rd wedding anniversary, Certain Man bought this arbor for me, and installed it in our fence row.  I had been asking for an opening in the fence so that I could get to the front yard without going all the way around, and he always has such good ideas, and this arbor was the result:

B- Arbor

We found two climbing rose bushes — one at Lowes in Dover and one at Lowes in Lewes.  The were the same color number, but different sizes.  When we bought the first one, we thought it was going to be a deep red because of the buds that were on it- 

B- Rose bud 2

How wrong we were!

B- Roses, Roses

(We are still delighted with them.  The colors are just perfect!)

The Rhododendrons are blooming  I thought they had been damaged beyond coming back, but, as you can see, They were NOT!

B- Pink Rhododendrons

But the Red ones, though beautiful —

B- Red Rhododendrons 1

Are not nearly as far along as the lavender ones.

B- Red Rhododendrons

I haven’t gotten my flower beds planted yet, but have been the recipient of two hanging baskets:
This one from my sister, Sarah:

B- Sarah's basket

I love these geraniums!


And this one from Oldest Daughter and Beloved Son -in-law. 

B- Jess and Chris's basket

This one is impressive, too!

The spring has been so unusual, but the flowers are spectacular.  The beauty is almost overwhelming!




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  1. Beautiful flowers! Nice arbor! I replaced only one rose bush out of the several that froze this year. I simply love the yellow climbing rose and felt compelled to replace it. Your arbor looks lovely with that color combo. Yes I agree this spring is beautiful and really makes me appreciate the flowers more than ever. My peonies are ready to bloom and several irises are open. Your post is a feast for the eyes.

  2. THe flowrs are beautiful!  My rhododendrens are  not even as far along as your red ones  I think it is where they are located the are on the northeast side of the house and only get the moning sun.   
    I love the color of those roses do you  know what the name of them is?  I love those roses like that , they seem to change color as they open.  I know that there is one similar to that called Josephs coat  but this looks a little different.  I am having rose bush troubles thi spring  my big climbing rose seems as though something ate  its roots off.

  3. U R So rite!  It’s a job not to be done without our Father and then our humanness gets in the way on the giving end and on the receiving.  But…I’m committed to keep trying.

  4. What beautiful flowers! Last year for Mother’s Day my family got a rosebush for me, and it froze and I need to replace it, but the other one that I have is looking so nice. I love the flowers in May! Congratulations to Middle Daughter! Does she still have to do State Board Exams?

  5. Anonymous

    Oh I love your flowers and that arbor was a splendid idea!!  Would love to sit a spell in your yard and enjoy the beauty and fellowship….

  6. I love your flowers!  I’d love to have a rhododendron like that but the spot I want to put it in gets too much standing water when it rains and I need to get it built up before I plant.  Obviously that’s not going to happen anytime soon!   Love you and  your pretty house.

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