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Party Mix, Smaller Amount

I do keep changing the recipe — a little here, a little there, and I’ve found that it works better to have a kitchen scales to make this. In any case, what I said on my last blog about this is still true:

“I’ve been asked rather often whether I give out my Party Mix recipe.  I’ve never been one to keep my recipes a secret.  However, over and over again, I give someone a recipe and the recipient reads over it and decides that it’s too much work or too big or too fattening or too expensive or whatever.

So let me just tell you before you even begin —


There, now you know.

So you can adjust the size or skip the steps or substitute the ingredients to your heart’s content.  And you might be just as happy with the results as I am with my results.  I can only tell you that it has taken me years to fine tune this recipe and have it where I like it and feel good about giving it away.  Maybe some of you would like to get together with friends or family members and share the ingredients.  And that’s fine, too.  This specific recipe with this amount of ingredients will make almost 4 gallons of party mix.

Mary Ann’s Party Mix (Smaller amount)

1 – 12 oz. box of Honey Nut Chex

1 – 7.5 oz. bag of regular Bugle snack

3 – 6 oz. bags of Caramel Sweet and Salty Bugle Snacks

8 oz. Pepperidge Farm Goldfish snacks – (Or any small cheese cracker of your choice – I use “Whales” from Walmart))

8 0z. Pretzels (I like the very skinny sticks, but it doesn’t matter)

1 box (11 oz.) Club Miniatures (or a box of Ritz sandwich crackers, peanut butter or cheese)

1 ½ lbs. pecans, large pieces

3 cups (or 3 oz.) regular Cheerios

3.5 oz. Wheat Chex

3 oz. Corn Chex

3 oz. Rice Chex

1 lb. cashews (large pieces or halves)

1 lb. large Spanish peanuts

Mix all together in a very large container. 

Then mix together thoroughly:
4 Tablespoons Lawry’s Season Salt
2 Tablespoons Garlic Powder

I sprinkle this over the container of mix a little at a time, tossing often to distribute evenly.

Mix the following, using a whisk:

3 generous cups vegetable oil
1/4 cup Worcestershire Sauce. (again, generous!)
When that is thoroughly mixed, pour it over the mx, tossing again after each cup or so until it is gone.  The toss and toss and toss until the oil mixture is evenly distributed.

Take three of the large foil pans (like 11.5”X19”X3”) and divide the mix evenly between TWO of them, keeping an empty one in reserve.  Preheat oven to 250, and space the racks so that you can get both roasters in at the same time.  Put the two roasters into the preheated oven. Every 15 minutes, dump one of the roasters into the empty foil pan, and then dump the other into the one that you just emptied.  Put the party mix that had been on the bottom rack onto the top rack, and the top one on the bottom. Bake for two hours, changing the pans every time, and every 15 minutes.  After the two hours is up, empty onto a kitchen table that has been covered with brown paper.  (If I’ve used Ritz Bits sandwich crackers, NOW is when I don a pair of latex gloves and search through the pile and just “blick” them apart. (This is strictly personal preference; I just do not care for sandwiched crackers in my party mix). When totally cool, store in tight containers until ready to use.  (Some of my relatives also store it in Ziploc freezer bags in the freezer.)  If you have questions, please call.  302-382-0418, or 302-422-5952


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