Graduation is over — This post is especially for far away family who have asked to see the pictures of this evening!

D's Grad-- the class

The 2007 Graduating Class of Beebe School of Nursing.  Deborah is second from left in the front row.

D's Grad-- Deb and Teresa

This is Deborah and Teresa, her traveling companion and friend.  They have logged alot of miles together in thes last two years.  For you locals who have gone past our house and wondered who in the Shady Acres Crew has bought a red PT Cruiser — Wonder no more.  Teresa is the owner of that pretty little car.  And the weeks that Deborah drove her bug to school, the Cruiser sat in our yard.

D's Grad-- Beauty Parlor

Because Deborah knew more about bobby pins and keeping things on her head than many of the girls did, she was called upon to help make sure the nurses hats stayed where they belong.  Not a simple task, to be sure, but no one lost their cap during the ceremony.

D's Grad-- Deb and her Grandma

Deborah and her Grandma Yoder.  These occasions certainly make us miss Deborah’s Grandpa.  I think it is especially difficult tonight for Deborah.  She and her Grandpa not only shared a birthday (fifty years apart) but he was always such an encourager, and quiet source of joy.  If he is looking down, I know that he is pleased.  “How ’bout that!” he’d say with his proud grin.  “I don’t know what to say about ‘cha!”

D's Grad-- Deborah Yutzy RN

Deborah Yutzy, Graduate Nurse
Valedictorian of the Class of 2007




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  1. such great commemorative photos! Deborah looks really pretty in that snappy uniform! i can see a distinct sense of happiness and relief in her face. way to go, girl!

  2. Anonymous

    Congratulations Deborah!  And the happy momma, too…=)  I’m sure there was a lot of hard work put into getting to this moment!

  3. Congratulations, Deborah!!  Thanks for posting pictures. We wish we could have been there.

  4. Valedictorian!! That is awesome! She looks so beautiful. I had to smile when you said they needed her help with the hairpins and keeping the hats on their heads.

  5. Congratulations, Deborah!!  And Valedictorian, too!!  It’s been so long since I saw a nice white uniform, and a nurses cap, too.  I wasn’t sure they still existed.

  6. Congratulations Deborah!!  What an accomplishment! 

  7. I would have loved to be there…  Good for her!   congrats!

  8. she looks so happy!  i was very regretful to have to change my plans in being there.  i love beebe’s grads!  congratulations to her and much grace and peace in her career!

  9. She had to have left a testemony and blessings with her classmates and teachers.  And now the world will get all that she has to give too.  TGBTG!

  10. We would of loved to been there too, but we just got back from our trip to Wisconsin/Ohio Wednesday night, so we were recovering…
    Congrats Deb, and you will make a wonderful nurse!

  11. I also love the uniforms and caps. That is rare anymore. The last nursing graduation I attended no nursing caps were worn…….ever……you do not see nice professional uniforms and caps but scrubs and no way to tell a dr. from an aide or nurse,,,,,,,,, My mother always wore her cap and white hose and uniform dress to work. Dominie has Mom’s nurse’s hat as a keep sake. Congratulations on the valedictorian status! And Congratulations on the graduation. Excellent pictures!

  12. How proud you must be!  What a beautiful daughter as well as smart!  I, too, noted the nurses’ cap.  I wish all nurses wore them.  Mom had a black ribbon across hers to show she was a registered nurse. 

  13. Three cheers for Deborah!  Her hard work has paid off!  And valedictorian!  what an accomplishment!  I’m sure you are proud…and you should be!

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