D's Grad -- Flowers

Beeba’s Flowers

So often at Graduation, it seems like Roses are the thing that is given, and Certain Man and I had discussed just what kind of flowers we should get for our girl.  Deborah is our yard and garden girl.  She loves the peonies that grow prolifically in the fence row and just this week, they have burst into color.  On impulse, yesterday morning, I asked Certain Man if he thought we could get someone to do an arrangement of peonies for Deborah’s flowers.  He was enthusiastic in his support.  So I called Violet — the best arranger of flowers there is (private or otherwise) — and asked if she could do a last minute favor for us.   She was very accommodating– even to the point of coming down and picking the flowers.  She followed me down into my dungeon where I keep old vases and such, and there we found an antique chicken waterer that I have found can be inverted to make a perfect “bowl” vase, and she was certain that she could make good use of that.  The result was extravagantly exquisite.  We could not have asked for anything more appropriate for our farm/flower/nurse girl.  She was speechless when she saw it, and then effusive in her appreciation for something “home grown.”  We are all enjoying it immensely today.  I wish I had taken a picture when it first was delivered, but this will still give you an idea of how beautiful it was.

Violet, if you are reading this, Thank you again!  This arrangement was literally perfect in every way!


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  1. They are/were beautiful. In my opinion they are the prettiest flowers I saw at the graduation! I agree that they are perfect.

  2. How special and meaningful for her to know you put so much thought and love into her flower arrangement!
    RYC:   Go to my site.  I have another quail story for you.

  3. hoe lovely I to love the peonies!!     They are so pretty and so big and showy!

  4. Those flowers are so pretty.  Anna

  5. Could Violet be my Pen Pal from Greenwood?

  6. Next to lilacs, peonies are my favorite!  Janelle brought a big bouquet to the shower last night that she picked from her mother-in-law’s long row.  They’ve graced my table and scented my kitchen all day!

  7. Oh wow their so pretty

  8. So sweet and meaningful, and very pretty.

  9. They are beautiful!  She will always make the connection at peonie time of parents love at grad time.

  10. Wow, that’s gorgeous!   I love the bleeding hearts stuck in around.   what a sweet gift!

  11. hi mary.  those were some of the prettiest.  i always loved mama’s long row of peonies.  And now i have a very small row started.  thanks for the input on my site.  i am very uncomfortable today…but for the most part okay.  i love you.  deborah is one of my favorite!!  have a good weekend.

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