Tomorrow is a momentous day in the life of our family.

We are celebrating Deborah’s Graduation with a cookout here at Shady Acres in the early evening.  (If you want to come, and missed out on getting invited, come anyway!  Call or message me for details)

Oldest Son, Lord Willing, begins his homeward journey.  I am so thankful, I can hardly contain myself.  (And why are all those tears I couldn’t cry when he left catching me flat-footed at every turn???)

Son, if you are somewhere reading this — I was told today that the whole community is glad you are coming home.  God Speed, my Son.  It’s been a long six months!


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  1. I missed reading this until this morning! How did it go? Was the weather nice for your celebration?
    When is Raph expected to arrive at your home? You are having many reasons to celebrate!

  2. Happy times for your family!  How exciting with so much to celebrate!

  3. It’s hard to believe that the time has finally arrive for our dear ones to be coming home.  As I type Holly girl’s plane is pointed this way and she is over the Atlanic Ocean!!!!  Friday can’t come fast enough!   
    We’ll see you at the picnic tonight.    Love you,   Polly

  4. Hope you’re having a great celebration today. I’m so happy for you that Raph will soon be back home.

  5. I am glad Raph will be home soon, that is great news….
    Sorry we couldn’t make it to the celebration, we really wish we could of been there…
    Did you guys make homemade ice cream?
    Hope you post some pictures too!

  6. Thanks for having a “party” for the nurse! Sorry we couldn’t hang out longer, but we were invited to Dawn’s celebration as well. They had a nice turnout, too. The Lord certainly has blessed us with pleasant weather for these graduation celebrations. Love you guys. L.

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