45 years ago, my little sister, Alma Jean (Yoder) Heatwole was born — On her Grandma, Alma (Lauver) Wert’s 61st birthday and one week after her Aunt Alma Jean (Wert) Yoder’s Birthday.  Today, when asked if she was doing anything special, she replied that her husband said that she wouldn’t need  to get up to milk, so she had slept in.  But she declined a lunch invitation because she wanted to stay home and do what she loves most — working in her beautiful yard and flower gardens.


C-Alma and Jerrel

Happy Birthday, Sis!

I’m so glad that God sent you to our family!


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  1. I don’t know your sister personally but have seen her on several occasions.  I’ve always thought she was a beautiful lady.  Her birthday is one day (and 8 years) before mine!

  2. Happy Birthday to Alma!

  3. Hope your birthday was a happy day, Alma!

  4. Our sister is a treasure!  Thanks for the beautiful picture of her and Jerrel. 

  5. Just love that gal!!!!  Her love for life and humor is such a breath of fresh air!  I’m so glad to claim her as my sister-in-law.  

  6. Miss Alma (as the kids at church call her) is an amazing lady!  I love having her for a friend and having her and Jerrel in our cell group.  She’s so forthright and honest.  She has us in stitches a lot of times.  She’s very good at laughing at herself too.  Happy Birthday  Alma!

  7. Yikes I am late but my Happy Birthday wishes to Alma are still warm and friendly!

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