Revelation 21

Sitting in Sunday School
Hearing my Beloved Sisters
Reading the Bible Words
About Heaven.

And I think about it
The City of Transparent Gold
The Lamb, Himself the Light
And no more night.

And no more pain
And no more sorrow
And no more crying
And no more death.

These tears that fall here
Will be all wiped away.
We shall know as we are known
And the Mystery will be gone.

My Precious Daddy.
I wonder what he’s doing now.

How can such a Wondrous Hope
And Exquisite Joy
Still be such a wrenching void
And Incredible Grief?

The comfort is to know
And someday,
Some Glorious Morning,
We shall be there, too!


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4 responses to “Revelation 21

  1. Yes, the comfort – thank you, Jesus, for the comfort that we will be there too. Beautiful words again, dear friend.

  2. God’s presence we just can’t fathom.

  3. I just got caught up with all of your posts and the comment you had left on my site while I was gone.  It looks to me that your beautiful place is like a vacation spot!  Such lovely flowers!

  4. Indeed, it will be far more beautiful than we can imagine. And to see our Saviour face to face-what a day that will be!! See you there. 🙂

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