This is the anniversary of Certain Man and Certain Man’s Wife.

Middle Daughter spent this day with a number of people helping to get her house ready to move into.  She is renting a house for at least a year and it is a wonderful little house, but has been empty for almost a year, so needed some work. 

Family Plays

Are CM and CMW really ready for this precious daughter to move out? 
There have been so many nights of family time and it is nice to call her down from the upstairs to lend a helping hand, give us medical advice, or just the comfortableness of having an adult child that is truly a friend living at home.

Are we really ready???


I don’t really think so.  But it is time (I guess).  She has a job, she is 27, and she needs some independence (I guess).  If the truth were told, she doesn’t really want to go, either, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and the decision was made with our heads.  Hopefully our hearts will follow.

There is a lovely sunroom/porch attached to the back of the house.  It looks like this:

AAA-- The porch

And the view in the other direction from that back porch is very restful:

AAA-- Lakeview 2

This really doesn’t do it justice, but I love the view.  I could sit on her porch for hours and soak it all in.

I wish I had gotten some before and after pictures of the yard with all its flower beds, but I didn’t.  I did get this picture of some of the work force:

AAA-- Five on the Couch 2

Laura, Amy, Ruthie, Rachel and Bekah

Holly also came and helped.

AAA-- Holly 3

As did our fearless youth sponsors:

AAA-- Our Fearless Youth Sponsors

Actually, Oldest Daughter has been a most encouraging helper to her sister:

AAA-- Oldest Daughter

And She and Beloved Son in Law are fixing lunch for us tomorrow in honor of our anniversary.  Life doesn’t get much better than that.  I don’t have to cook Sunday lunch!  (We will be eating at home though, because of the space and also Blind Linda’s aversion to anything unfamiliar.

And here we are, 34 years ago today!

the two of us

Oh, how the years do fly!



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  1. Happy Anniversary to you!  I dread the days when my children make the decision to move away from home.  Its a catch 22 thought – cause you don’t want them to stay forever either!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary!  I’m so glad you will get treated to a Sunday Lunch tomorrow.  You deserve that and much much more.  I love this post.  You really captured a lot in it.  Not just the pictures but the heart too.   
    Holly said she enjoyed her time with you all helping with the house.   She is also excited about an offer and invitiation she received.  This will have to have a daddy stamp on it and she’s not had the opportunity to talk with him yet.  Sounds exciting.      
    I hope you are taking some time today to prop them feet up and enjoy the many blessings of the day.  Love You,  Polly

  3. Anonymous

    happy anniversary to you, friend!  We had our 15th this week too.  Looking at that young couple in the last picture setting off on one of life’s biggest adventures–what words of wisdom would you like to tell them now?

  4. Happy anniversary! Enjoy all the attention you get! I love those views from the sunroom/porch. I always hoped we would get a screened in porch but it never happened. Now I’d sort of like a sunroom added to the back of the house but if it never happens I will be content with what I have. See you soon. L.

  5. Happy Anniversary, BEG!  Time does fly, but look at the beautiful family you have to show for it.
    I love that sun room!!!!  The furniture is really cool as is the marvelous view! 

  6. Hey!! I didn’t even think of it that a year ago today was that crazy, wonderful day that we ate lunch together at Cracker Barrel! Congratulations on another year with that Certain Man!And congratulations to Middle Daughter for spreading her wings. I know you’ll miss her, but just be thankful that your daughters haven’t flown as far from the nest as you did at first. Hee, hee!

  7. That sure is two pittyfull looking parents there, We sure knew what it felt like. I wish you all the best.

  8. Oh I forgot HAPPY anniversary and wishing yall many more happy years to come.

  9. 34 years!  If you think back just abit, you will realize how you packed those years blessing others!  It looks like your family is taking off with the baton.  Blesssings.

  10. Congratulations on your 34th.  You are ten years behind us – we have 44 coming up in September. 

  11. Happy Anniversary!! 
    I love that sunporch !  THat is one of those things I always said I would love to have and have never yet been able to get!!! Maybe one of these days our house can have one added!!

  12. Congratulations on your anniversary! The wedding picture is so sweet,but those 2 sad,sad parents’ faces as their daughter leaves home !! LOL That sun room is lovely and the view is great. Enjoy your lunch today and may The Lord Bless you folks now and in the years ahead!  (A very nice post BEG)

  13. Congratulations on your anniversary! the veiw from the home is beautiful! and the sun room just lovely. RThank you for the pictures and letting us enjoy it too!

  14. I hope you had a wonderful lunch today. You deserved it.
    It’s one thing to have daughter leave home. It’s another to have parents leave home. That’s what happened to us and our daughter… I can choke up about it even now.
    Lord of Love, bless this marriage abundantly. Through every season of life, may they see Your hand at work, continually providing, always guarding, faithfully guiding them along the way.
    And as the years go by, in every word spoken, in every deed done and every moment of shared affection, may Your love be the theme of their lives, and the key to their marriage.
    Amen AMEN
    And may the Lord make you increase and abound in love to one another and to all. I Thessalonians 3:12

  15. Mornin’ I hope yesterday was very special for you folks!

  16. Hope it was a very special day for you and many more

  17. goodness, how the years do fly…..Queena got married, and Deborah’s moving out and Carmen’s going abroad….. all these girls used to run around my ankles at church.  Deborah’s house looks very nice – where’s she located?

  18. Please give our regards to middle daughter as she moves out to such a fine looking place. May she have many peaceful evenings and mornings on that porch. mw

  19. Happy Annivesary and Congratulations!  Having a daughter move out is sort of bittersweet–but a good feeling when they are no longer our “little kids” but an adult that we relate to in grown-up ways.  Blessings!

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