Well, the begonias are bravely blooming in the old flower boxes.

AA-- begonias

And the boys were there for a short while.  Some of you ladies have the nicest grandbabies.  Well, these sweet guys fill that spot in my heart.  (At least a little.)

AA-- looking out the window

The funnest place to be is on the window seat, watching the birds .

AA-- Nevin

Nevin is a little ham — always making us smile.

AA-- Carson

Carson is quickly growing into a “regular boy”
He thinks big thoughts and says big words.
He is not as fond of the camera as he once was.

Nor of hugs!

AA-- Christina and Nevin

“Please, Auntie Chris, don’t squeeze me so hard!”


And the Bible Study Gals took their children to the pool at Becki’s house yesterday.  I will not plague you with pictures of the Grownups, but here are a few of keepers:

AA-- Victoria

Hannah snoozed away:

AA-- Jeron

Jaron is a little water bug!

AA-- Nevin 2

And Nevin’s favorite place to be was on the edge of the pond.  Carson wouldn’t even put his bathing suit on! 

It’s been hot in Delaware, and parts of our little state are still very, very dry (including Milford and Greenwood!).  The State Fair begins next week, and we almost always have rain during the ten days that the fair is going on.  Maybe we should see if they would move it up a few weeks so that the rain that always comes during Fair Week would come in time to save the crops! 


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  1. Isn’t that snoozing baby – Hannah?

  2. Sweet children! Your caption about Aunt Chris suits the picture LOL Those foam “noodles” are sure nice for the pool. I’ve had them for my G’kids to use. We are very dry right in this area although several miles away significant rain has fallen. The corn and beans are doing well here but the hay crop will be far less than in a good year. It is simply a gorgeous day today here at 75 degrees,bright and sunny,really nice. I think RL is on his way home! Hurrah!

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