Once she was our little girl–

Rachel  3

And she is quite a blessing to many people
in many ways:

A Church Gets Cleaned   Washing the windows

She loves her Daddy with a fierce and fine loyalty:

A -- Rachel and her daddy

And she is a willing helper and comfort
to her Momma–

C- Potato Salad Day 2007 Rachel and her Mama

She loves adventure, and is always ready for something new and exciting-

Rachel  4

But when she’s tired, she’s REALLY tired, and can conk out almost anywhere–

C- Potato Salad Day 2007  Rachel sleeps

And we are greatly missing her already and she has only been gone three days! (10 more to go.)

“Have a wonderful time at Choral Camp, Rachel-girl.
Be a faithful Servant.
Do all things as unto the Lord.
Remember how it was to be a camper and homesick,
And love those gals for Jesus’ sake.
your back home fam!


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  1. That’s another beautiful girlie you’ve got there. Can’t believe she’s so grown up!!! Where did all that time go? Frighteningly enough, mine is only 5 years and one day behind her, huh?? Yikes!

  2. A good reminder to go check out the Coral Camp Newsletter on line.    I wonder how Christopher is doing?  Life has drastically changed in this household over just one week-end.   Mark and I are home alone.   Tim has been doing a night shift at the Mullins and Holly has been taking the night shift for Esther VanKampin.

  3. Sweet girl and sweet tribute to her. Wasn’t it last year at choral camp that she had an injury or was sick or something?

  4. Nice post in honor of your sweet girl!
     Wasn’t it an allergy or something that happened to her last year?

  5. Do you want to dance Rachel?

  6. Yes, JR, I am sure that she would love to dance!  And yes, to the rest of you, she did end up in the emergency room last year with a badly sprained ankle.  She had hurt it at the July 4th picnic and then re-injured it playing soccer or something at Choral Camp.  But it wasn’t broken, just badly sprained, and I sincerely hope that she can make it through these two weeks with all her physical properties intact!

  7. great post!!!  Nice tribute to your girlie/ young woman!!!  I hope she has a lovely growing experience and comes back to re-energized!

  8. Ah yes, I will see this sweet girl in person in just a few days!

  9. I hope she’s having a wonderful time at camp.  We tried to sign up our youngest two for it this year, and were too late.  They were already full…maybe next year!

  10. What a precious girl!  Your heart must swell with pride and must miss her greatly.  It’s just a test for you for when she will be of age and gone on her own. 

  11. Thanks for your comment. It sums up my heart on this subject so very well!

  12. hey sis.  hope your day was good.  i need to get some shut eye, but i came on here to see your post.  i love your family…that you know already.  and edie loves to come to her “aunt mary’s”.  thanks for letting her spend some time with you this morning.

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