We had a Mark Yoder Family picnic this week. Certain Man grilled the hamburgers and hot dogs and over saw the cranking of the homemade ice cream.

Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 25

For which there was a LOT of help!

Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 24  Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 19

Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 23

Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 22

(This was my favorite.  Andrew Aycoth wanted to help turn, so Raph was “helping” him.

Of course, there were those who got a little bit sidetracked —

  Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 20

(This almost fits!)

Faces in the crowd:

Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- Buddies

Probably motors and things with wheels is the topic of this conversation!

Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 7

I had another shot of Youngest Sister, but I am under threat of Death if I put it on here!

Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 3

The evening was the best all week, weather wise, and the gathering wasn’t too shabby, either.  One of the reasons we wanted to get together was that Oldest Brother (Clint’s) son, Chip (with the baseball cap) and Chip’s lovely wife, Susan ( (hand to face) are heading back to their jobs in South Carolina early next week.

Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 2

“I wonder what Uncle Clinton is up to now!” Sez Raph.

Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 5

The grass sure is getting brown, but this flower is pretty!


Yoder Family Picnic 007 --  1

Part of the “patio crowd.”  It was so nice to have Ethan and Queena with us.

Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 8

“Almost an engineer” Nephew David joins the crowd on the patio.

The table had its row of folks

Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 6

“Is there food???”  Raph is still catching up from his six months away from the variety he was accustomed to.  Jonathan Weber is living with the Heatwoles this summer (Youngest Sister’s family) so it was expected that he would be here, too.

Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 11 

“There is nothing nicer than a whole lot of people together who love eachother!”


Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 13

Hugs and caring conversations!  Where would our family be without them?

Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 14

Jeremy and Cheryl came in when the food was almost cold, but the reception was warm, and we were so delighted to see them!

Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 26

“I’m just not quite sure about this Beeba-girl.  Mommy, are you sure I’m safe???”


Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 12

Youngest Sister and My Sweet Mama converse by the garage, and survey the crowd.

And then the darkness moved in, and supper was over, people were starting to get chilly.  (Of all things!!!!)

Yoder Family Picnic 007 -- 28



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  1. Excellent pictures of what looks like an excellent family reunion! Max looks like he is a growin’ since I last saw his picture, your caption sure fit the expression on his sweet dear face. I wouldn’t have minded having some of that home made ice cream!  Was Lem there? Nice to see Queena and Ethan! Great post.

  2. Love family picnics and photos of them!

  3. Can I be just a smidgen jealous of all that family? So many people who belong together. Wow.

  4. Diddo to marykay girl!!!!!!!!!1

  5. your mother sure raised some beautiful girls! (starting w/ the oldest one) not that we saw any pictures of her 🙂

  6. I just loved looking at all these pictures, Mary Ann. You should have taken a sibling picture (you and your siblings). But I know how easy it is for an entire wonderful evening to be finished before such a thought enters one’s mind!

  7. Mary Dear, what a fun evening we had.  Thanks for all the  planning and work that went into it.  I’m blessed time and time again to be a part of this wonderful Yoder family.  Love You!    Polly

  8. Enjoyed that!  How is Deborah doing in her new nook?  And how is Raf fittin back in?

  9. Great chronicle of your wonderful family gathering.  I wish more American families could experience the closeness you all have through great planning and effort to make it a grand time!

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