Youngest Son

“Ain’t gonna’ lie,”  says Youngest Son quite often.
(when he is about to say something that I often think is pretty obvious . . . )

Well, I ain’t gonna’ lie either.

Sometimes this summer feels like I am:

on a bike-

going downhill-

without any brakes.

And I’m mostly loving the ride-

With panic at regular intervals!

(Now if I could just get my breath!)




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  1. That sounds like a ride I am on, too!!!!  Great analogy!
    I love the picture of your son who I remember meeting in Iowa.  He was so sweet and patient with me even though he was about to go on stage to perform.

  2. I “am not gonna’ lie” Dominie and I like your son very much. I also was duly impressed with  Raph. They both appear to be gentlemen.
    Feeling like you are going downhill with no brakes is probably far better than feeling like you’re  going uphill.Right?

  3. Just go for the ride, my dear. Thankfully, Someone Else is in control!

  4. Ohhhhhh…How well I can relate!! Blessings to you, my friend.

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