Our Senior

Our Senior 01

Today our baby went off to High School as a Senior.
How did this happen?
Where was I looking when this precious little girl
Became a wonderful young woman?
She’s still precious
(though she doesn’t especially like that adjective).
But she is so much more.

She had a challenging and difficult summer.
There were harsh disappointments.
Difficult relationships at work that she found herself in the middle of.
Changes to our family that tore her heart.
(She loves her brothers’ wives, but she hates change).
And physical injuries that are not yet healed.
She has grown incredibly over the summer
(Though she doesn’t see it)
And she is continually pressing on to more and more maturity.
Her Daddy and I are so proud of her.

And I cannot believe that she is already a senior.
Ah, my little girlie.
Where did my baby go?


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  1. Wow,. you are experiencing exciting and significant change! Congratulations on Raph and Regina’s wedding – our daughter, Ramona, was there – she’s a friend of Regina’s from Rosedale. And now, your youngest is a senior?! Have fun this school year! As for your Tiffany lamp – it sounds unique and memorable. I sorta like the honky tonk idea . I’ll have to look for the new style light bulbs and as for cob webs, I too, don’t usually see them until my door bell rings…another reason not to look up (for the guest) – a reason to look up (for me)! Have a wonderful week! I enjoy your posts.

  2. they grow up so fast my twins are sophmores this year so hard to believe.

  3. I ma crying about middle school! šŸ™‚ hugs!

  4. if she’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, you indeed have a precious one!

  5. Our “baby” (26) just got her RN license and will be leaving us soon to work in the Iowa University Hospital in Iowa City. Time has gone so fast.

  6. I still remember her as a little blonde girl with curls toddling around…I can’t believe that’s Rachel.

  7. You have experienced so many changes recently. Life is interesting isn’t it.
    RL and spend more time now discussing the big R….. retirement……..than any other subject and we wonder how did this era of our lives come so quickly………

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