Our Newlyweds are home!!!

A Our Newlyweds 1

Even in my joy,
my heart hurts for this girlie’s family.
I never gave it much thought in 1973, when it was me, leaving my family behind.

In other news —
(Drum roll, please!)
I bought a new camera. 
This picture was taken with it, and I think I shall like it quite muchly!!!


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  1. I Love love love this picture:)  So Sweet!

  2. They look so very happy! A beautiful couple.Liking your camera “quite muchly” is very good indeed.

  3. Glad that they are home and hope to see them soon.What kind of camera did you get? One like Debs?

  4. Great picture!! And I too want to know what camera you got. I would love to get a new one.

  5. So is she moving to Delaware?  They look very tan!

  6. they look tanned and happy!

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