The wedding was quite a lovely time.

Raph's Wedding  L
The wedding party

Raph's Wedding  J
Our family

Raph's Wedding  K
Daniel and I with our newly wedded son and his bride

Raph's Wedding  G
Our daughter in law, Jessica

Raph's Wedding  E
Daniel’s sister, Lena

Raph's Wedding  F
Daniel’s sister, Rachel with her husband, Ivan

Raph's Wedding  D
Jesse, Christina and Rachel

Raph's Wedding  C
Rachel with her cousins, Carmen and Holly

Raph's Wedding  B
Raph and Regina, Christina and Jesse

Raph's Wedding
The new Mr. and Mrs. Raphael Mark Yutzy

And thank you to each who prayed for me/us.
The tooth is doing quite well.  
The weekend was a terrific time and we had a wonderful place to stay.
But my, oh, my!
How sweet it is to be home!


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  1. Mary I was so glad to see the pictures. I have been searching and searching on facebook for some pictures of the wedding. So sorry we had to miss this grand occasion. Anxious to hear more about it. Love You.

  2. Beautiful pictures!! And how’s the mother of the groom doing, I wonder?

  3. It was  great to see pictures so soon after the grand occasion.  It looked like a lovely wedding.  Home, sweet home, for sure.

  4. ……..and MaryAnn, you look so nice.   I love pale pink!!!

  5. How happy you must be!  Finally both weddings are over and you have two new daughters.  Maybe you can get some rest in now and get that tooth fixed.

  6. Lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

  7. Wow, those bridesmaids dresses are something!  Very colorful.  Enjoyed the pictures.  I’m glad everything went well for them and you.

  8. Wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing, and everyone looked great, glad the tooth is better…May God bless their marriage!

  9. I’m glad you had a wonderful weekend. I worried about that tooth, tho’. So you go again this coming weekend, too?

  10. glad all went well now enjoy some R & R

  11. that was great. thanks for sharing. Love the polkadot dress Rachel wore. I agree those are some bridesmaid dresses~!

  12. Is one of the flower girls Ava Grace?!  It is so good to see a picture of her again.  I took care of her in Jamaica before Regina’s sister adopted her.  She is such a sweety.  Regina and Raph look so happy.  Congrats to the happy couple!

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