There has been no word from our Newlyweds.  They are somewhere in the Dominican Republic, and I suppose they are having some wind and some rain, but it sounds like the hurricane hasn’t done too much damage there.

I came home from Ohio with a head cold that is about to put me into my bed.  I hate it when my nose is all stuffed up.  I took Blind Linda this morning for a PPD (tuberculin skin test) and I inquired as to whether the good doctor could see me as well.  The Gestapo at the front desk said “NO!” and that made me cross enough that I decided that I would just wait and see if it would just go away.  Usually things get better with time, especially things like colds.  I just don’t really want to drag anything to Daniel’s parents this weekend, but I really want to go to this wedding and to the reunion.

I am putting off doing the reports I need to do for the State for my ladies.  I have the financial reports, the medication reports, the activity reports and the doctor visits to all get ready for the case manager, and I have about as much motivation as a slug under a dark, cool rock.

So, here’s to all you beloved Xanga friends.  I hope you feel a whole bunch more energy than what is floating around Shady Acres today.  And if you have some to spare, tell me how to get it.

No, no.  Wait.  I take my vitamins, I take the supplements that I believe are right for me.  I don’t want information on the latest miracle cure for lethargy, laziness or larceny.  So there!!! 


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  1. Yucky Summer colds, no fun, I have had a few in my time, and their not fun at allTake care, rest up and will be praying that you recover in time to go back to Ohio

  2. What a beautiful wedding! The colors are stunning. I love the pictures! Such a handsome couple they look so happy.

  3. ooops…meant to comment on your lethragy but didn’t have the energy to do so…..LOL

  4. We could commiserate about my back and hip and your cold.  Hope we both are better pronto!

  5. oh dear may you get a nap and with that a burst of energy!

  6. I just had a small Snickers.  Chocolate works for me!  šŸ™‚

  7. Summer colds are not good at all. At least, in the winter–it’s doable(probably not a word), but you know what I mean.   Hope you are better now.                     Wow, the colors for the wedding.  It is neat though that each bride can choose what she wants.  One of my nieces picked red for her bridesmaid.      Take care.                     Hopefully you are getting more energy back.

  8. First of all, let yourself sleep more than usual – I hope you did that yesterday. And there are lots of remedies out there that shorten the duration of a cold, but they usually work best if taken right at the very beginning. I totally rely on various Zicam products as soon as I get the first hint of a cold. Lisa uses some kind of saline rinse that she puts in one nostril and it comes out the other, along with assorted forms of mucus. She swears by it, that she has been kept from head colds developing into sinus infections many, many times. And then there’s the oldest remedy of all – I’ll pray for you. I really do hope you’ll be better by the weekend.

  9. I had a terrible headache Monday night that I thought was going to split my skull.  I had to nap and then Ikwa said the next day she got one and so did Ike and they took a 3 hour nap.  Maybe it’s sinuses?  Wes thought it might be the barometric (sp?) pressure coming up from Tropical Storm Fay.  Either way I hope you feel better.

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