Of our three daughters,
We have two still at home.

Last weekend
At the wedding
This little study in contrasts
Caught my eye . . .

Raph's Wedding  M
Ah, my beautiful girlies,

How very much I love you both!!!


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  1. O My,  they are both beautiful!!!

  2. hmm little sister is not so little !!   I am sure those snazzy red shoes are helping the height difference though!!  they are looking lovely.

  3. Yes, not only lovely to look at, but lovely in spirit too!!

  4. Lovely girls indeed.
     (I like those red shoes)

  5. Yes, they are beautiful.   We love them too!

  6. @gracegiven –  2:56 AM???? Gracegiven, whatever were you doing up at such an hour???

  7. Wow that picture is so striking of your two gals. I love the friendship they have given and shone to Holly.

  8. I never realized how much taller Rachel is. both gorgeous!

  9. Just how tall is Rachel?  They are both beautiful no matter their height.

  10. Rachel is sooooo tall!! Oh my goodness!  How tall is she?  Or how short is Deb? LOL

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