This is my last “ordinary” Saturday for a long time . . . At least, if the Lord tarries, and if He so wills.
I don’t profess to know when He will come back.  I do believe these couples have sought His Will for their loves, and I certainly have seen the evidence of that.

Next weekend, Niece Maria Slaubaugh marries Carey Swartzentruber:

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The same day, five hundred miles away in Ohio,
Certain Man’s Uncle Allen Yutzy marries Connie Prater.

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We are not able to go to that one, unfortunately.
But we will think often of them, believe me!

Then in two weeks, Oldest Son will marry Babe.  (again in Ohio!)
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Wait a minute!!!  Do I see some resistance here?

And then in three weeks, Nephew Joe Slaubaugh will marry Tasha Troyer

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Again, in Ohio! 

And the same day and the same town
as a Kauffman Family Reunion.
This is the family of Certain Man’s birth mother, Katie.  She passed away when he was four, and her family holds a warm and important piece of his heart.  Most of his mother’s immediate family are Old Order Amish, and he doesn’t get to see them often, so he is quite intent on attending the reunion in the morning and Joe and Tasha’s wedding in the afternoon.  Certain Man’s Wife is tired just thinking about it.

But the truth is, we don’t have to do it all at once.  It is just one day at at time.  And, quite thankfully, I am not in my dear Middle Sister’s shoes.  She has two children getting married two weeks apart.  It was unnerving enough to have two son’s getting married two months apart — but to have a daughter getting married and then two weeks later, 500 miles away, a son getting married –!!!!  Let’s just say that she sure could use our prayers. 

And blessings all around to the happy couples.


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  1. Wow I do feel for Sarah and the rest of her family, I didn’t know that Joe and Maria were engaged to be married, but congrats to them and welcome new family members to the big family…May God bless each of these couples on their special day and for the rest of their lives

  2. If this were me I’d hope I could wear the very same dress to each wedding.
    Precious time though isn’t it? Busy but precious.

  3. oh blessings  to you in the days ahead

  4. How often my thoughts echo what my sister Lucy says!LOL  I was thinking about your dresses, too!   What a lot of celebration going on!  God’s blessings to all!

  5. I don’t remember a summer quite like this one. We have one wedding on the Heatwole side the same day of Joe’s and then a new baby hopefully really soon. Queena is due this week and that will be trip I can’t wait to take. Looking forward to being with you all this evening at Mom’s. Jeremy and Cheryl might make it in. Sure hope they do. I love the picture of Regina and oldest son. That’s one for the “Keeping File”.

  6. I’m thinking about your mother – four grandchildren’s weddings in one summer!!

  7. You’re going to have to find a wholesale Wedding Gift store! 

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