I enjoy using the “doorposts” and the walls of our home to speak to the lives of our family and friends.
Come to see how you can do the same!
There is going to be an “Uppercase Living” party at our house tomorrow night
(Tuesday, June 28, 2011)
at 7pm.
Anyone is welcome, but it would be helpful to know if YOU are coming. 

We have a “room of doors” that is our entryway. Four full size doors in a little tiny “room.” One goes to the garage, one goes to the back deck, one goes to the basement, and one comes into the living areas of the house. I was so pleased when I could put this Uppercase Living “Welcome” sign on the door that comes into the house. It makes it easier for people to know where to go when they are unfamiliar with the house.



We have this above the opening into our sun room.
It is one of my all time favorites.

Uppercase Living has this sort of thing, but they do astonishing things with photographs and such, too. If you want to check out more,
You can go to my demonstrator’s website and look and even order here:




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5 responses to “www.uppercaseliving.com

  1. Loved the website! Sure wish I could come to your party!! But perhaps I can peruse the website for some ideas and purchases!

  2. I love the touch the beautiful calligraphy and lovely words adds to your house.

  3. love it!  My cousins wife is a demonstrator here in this area.  Can’t wait to get the bare drywall in my house painted so we can put some up !

  4. Very ‘cool’ stuff! Can I order through your party?

  5. Hm, my place could use one of those.

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