Ordinary Tuesday Morning

Ordinary Tuesday morning.

Usual things happening.
Ladies ready for center with shower given to Cecilia.
Voltaren Gel applied to Nettie’s lower back.
Breakfasts made, lunches packed, meds given.
DART Bus loaded and gone. 

My 1,000 Gifts Journal had some new entries, and time spent with my Favorite Book (God’s Powerful WORD) was causing me to ponder.

But life calls, and it was time to be getting on with this Ordinary Tuesday.

Then I came around the edge of my work counter and caught sight of the family candy dish, sitting there with the cover off.

I look at the almost empty dish.  There are no pink left.  (Eldest Daughter has seen to that.)  There are lots of black, lots of green, and a smattering of the other colors.  I like the black in small quantities, the rest a little more so.  I mix them up a bit, grab a random handful, and of course that gets me to thinking.

Every year at Easter,
Old Gertrude’s family would bring her an Easter Basket.

She loved the chocolates somewhat. 
Usually she would get melted chocolate
all over her face and hands.

But what she loved most of all was the yellow Jelly beans. 
She would pick them out and eat them first
Digging through that artificial green grass stuff
Making a royal mess of things.
But, oh!  How incredibly happy she was.

How incredibly much I miss her this morning. . .

1,000 Gifts . . .June 7, 2011

#334.  Yellow Jelly Beans

#335.  Gertrude (June 15, 1924-October 23, 2005)

May she rest in peace.

#336.  The memories that still fill my heart and eyes.


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3 responses to “Ordinary Tuesday Morning

  1. Such a sweet post.  You blessed me this morning with your love of God’s Word and your loving memory of someone from your past.  May your day be blessed!

  2. Even though you have been in the corner a lot these past two years, MaryAnn, it just doesn’t look right without Gertrude there! No offense of course… 🙂

  3. Nice post. If I lived with you, you would have no black jelly beans left either!:)

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