Have you read the book about Dr. Elton Lehman?  I just finished it when we went to Ohio last week.  Besides the wonderful stories, there are many things to goad the mind.  In one chapter, the story is told of a man who brought an Amish man to some meeting of professors to talk about what makes the Amish different from the rest of the world.  The Amish man began the session by asking “How many of you would agree that TV has had more of an influence for bad than good?”  There were a few tentative hands going up, then, when the point was pressed, nearly every hand was in the air.  “Now,” said the Amish man, “Since we are agreed on that point, how many of you are going to go home and get rid of your television set?”  There wasn’t a single hand.  Then the Amish man said, “That is the difference between us and you.  If we believe that something has an evil influence, we do without it or get rid of it.”

I’ve done alot of thinking about that in the five days since I read the book, and it is sobering for me.  Not just the influence of TV and all that intails (Videos, DVD’s, etc) but thought processes, and things I allow myself to think, some of the stuff I allow myself to eat, even the dynamics of some of my friendships could come under that.  Wow!  It’s mind-boggling, but not something to dismiss easily.  And I wouldn’t want to…

On another note…as soon as I can, I want to go down to Old Gertrude.  Her latest sun is sinking fast. . .   I have an abscessed tooth that seems to have been aggravated my unfortunate fall, and the pain is phenomenal.  The pain and the medication is making me teary enough without the sadness.  Please pray for Gertrude, that the home-going could be soon, and could be glorious.  And say one for me, too.  I feel again that this parting pain is penance done for love, and I would not want it any other way, but how sad we are without her.


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  1. Mary is Gertrude in the hospital or at home with you? I have much sympathy for anyone who has tooth pain. Sometimes I just wish for false teeth!!!!! I’m gonna miss you all on Friday but wish you all a great day! Love you bunches, Polly Wolly

  2. Yes, I’ve read this book and was also goaded to many ponderings concerning issues you mentioned as well as others such as end of life kinds of things. How easy it is to dismiss these Spirit promptings with thoughts of “Oh, well …” I thought of Gertrude just recently and wondered how she was doing since we haven’t heard anything in quite a while. Glad you thought to let us know that her parting is soon coming. Is she still in Millsboro? Think Angels are anticipating her arrival, too?

  3. I think Dr. Lehman delivered some of my Grandmas’ babies:) 
    I did not realize Gertrude was so bad off – I will pray for her and you! 

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