We pretty much froze everything last night, but what wonderful people were here to freeze with us!  Today we are digging out, washing tables and stacking them back in the garage, and putting away all the stuff we drug out yesterday.  Even Blind Linda seemed to enjoy being around the campfire.  That was surprising to me.  Yesterday her teaching aide from Easter Seals called and told me that she has been doing some crying in the last couple months.  They couldn’t figure out what made her so sad, but since they found out about Gertrude, they believe that she is grieving for her.  That made me pensive, but for five and a half years, they spent nearly every night in the same room.  Linda hears so well, that the noises of the presence of Gertrude, coupled with the fact that Gertrude loved her and was always kind, makes it a very real possibility.  H-m-m-m-m.  I will need to think on that.

Christy-girl, GREAT JOB on my page.  Thanks!  I surely do love you!

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  1. My, oh my.    I believe Linda feels things more deeply than can be imagined, considering her state of being.  I remember her mother telling me that Linda stopped talking after the death of her Daddy which happened about the same time as her “best friend/protector” at Stockley was transferred.  Reading your post reminded me of the variety of emotion Linda would display during the 27 months she lived with us.  Does she even yet?  I only see her at church.  She truly must be grieving along with the rest of you.  It is also interesting to me that only away from “home” did others see evidence of her grief.  One has to wonder what actually goes on in her mind.  Does she feel so safe with you all that she was comforted as long as she was in your shared surroundings?   May the Lord bring comfort to her as only He can to helpless little lambs. 

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