Yesterday, my Daddy started running a fever. When it reached 102.+, Mama gave him some Tylenol. He had his second chemo in this new round on Thursday, and sometimes it is hard to tell what is a result of that and what is not. This morning, Mama called me and filled me in on all the details, and I thought that we should call the doctor and just run some stuff past him. Daddy was not exactly pleased that I had called, but I didn’t know that until I already was waiting for him to call after being paged. When Dr. Martin called, he was concerned about all the stuff that was going on. He said that if the temperature came back, even though it would go down with the Tylenol, he needed to be checked at the emergency room. That was at 11:45 this morning. This afternoon, around 3:30 or so, Daddy became very short of breath and quite shakey, and the fever was back. Mama and he headed for the emergency room, picking up Clint on the way. There are many answers that we don’t have, but Daddy is having a round of IV antibiotics before he comes home, and will probably need to take more in the next few days, but they are letting him come home. He has pneumonia, and his one lung has significant fluid on it. He has strict orders to stay home and take care of himself.  He is to be careful about what germs he allows himself to be exposed to.  He will hate missing the hymn sing, but I hope that he follows instructions.  Patience is not one of his strong points, and he said that if they didn’t let him go home, he was going to SUE! He also told them that if he had to lie there much longer, he was going to have a bed sore.

Clint said, “Dad, don’t say that! You better not say that, or they will keep you longer so that they can study how anyone could get a bed sore so quickly.”

I said, “Is he grumpy?”

He said, “No, he’s just acting sorta’ just ornery.”

He has gotten increasingly fragile over these past few weeks, and does not look well to me. In talking to my brother Mark this evening, he said that he was under the same impression last night when Daddy and Mama had stopped by for a short visit. On a positive note, his blood work and lab panels were encouraging this past week before his treatment.

Certain Man and I and Youngest Daughter left Ohio last night at 9:30 PM and pulled into our driveway a little after 6:00 AM this morning. We had been out to Youngest Son’s commissioning into REACH, and to help Certain Man’s parents with a few little things. When the service was over, and the visiting finished, we made a purposeful trip home to DE. I was so glad to be home. We are all tired and it would be nice to sleep all day tomorrow, but there is the annual Hymn Sing at GMS, and Daniel is out there now trying to set up. We always have a good time when we go, so things will look better tomorrow. Good night, dear friends, and if you have a prayer to spare, please send it for my Daddy.


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  1. Oh, Mary Ann, I had to laugh, but still there is a choke in my throat…
    May the Lord be tender and kind to my uncle and auntie.

  2. Mary Ann, last night Dad was in rare form. We had invited them to join us for supper along with Pastor Timothy, Jeremy, Cheryl. After supper while we were still around the table he got to telling stories from the book he is reading “Dust Between My Toes”. I found the stories so interesting beings I know Wayne Weaver. Dad went into great detail and we had some really good laughs. It was hard for me to beleive that when he got home he was running a temp. of l02. My heart is so numb thinking about what Dad and Mom are feeling, thinking. My heart and prayers are there.

  3. My comrade, friend, buddy and pal ~ I don’t even know what to say, except I’m sorry that we, in this life, are such frail creatures.  His grace IS sufficient, however, and I remind the Lord all the time concerning His many and precious promises.  Your parents are amazing.  As are you.  Hang in there. 
    I’ve also been looking forward to being at the hymn sing, but have learned my family is concerned about the “large crowd sickness” syndrome, too.  Perhaps if we go after it starts and leave before dismissal … 

  4. Praying for you all …….

  5. Praying for you and your family.  I know it is especially difficult during the holidays when there is sickness……..

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