He is so tall.  When I hug him, I barely reach his shoulder.  All the words I said to him were said against his shirt.  My Son.  I held him for the last time in a long, long time this morning, and tried not to cry.

“Be a faithful disciple, Son.  Let God be your first and greatest love.  Let all the other loves of your life be defined by that love.  Know that you are prayed for every single day, and that I will always love you.  I am so proud of you, so glad that you are mine.”

Is there really anything more to say?  How do you say good-bye to what you want to hold on to so desperately when you know that there is, will always be, a higher calling?  How can you resent it when a child does what you tried to raise him to do?

Lord Jesus, hold me steady.


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  1. Tho’ I’ve not yet reached this stage in my parenting … my Mothers-heart aches for you.  I love you.

  2. How does one say Good-bye to what you want to hold on to so desperately when you know that there is a Higher One in control of all … or as you say, a higher calling?  I’ve asked that question a time or two myself.  The Lord Jesus will give you His strength to do as you ask … hold you steady.  He promised!!!

  3. this new mama’s heart is just beginning to understand the pain of having a child go away, for whatever the reason.  And the tears are there for you, and the prayers….  ~April

  4. praying hard for u now and always…. love u MUCH!

  5. Dear Lem’s Mother, I am Jeremy and Sarah’s mother.  I remember all to well how I felt when another one of our sons left and went to Cambodia, for 6 months. The lessons they learn truely do make them better people and I believe one of the greatest gifts we give them is to keep the palms of our hands open so that they feel the freedom to fly and return at will.  Our prayers are the gift we give daily.  I will be praying for your son as apart of the team.  I plan to see Lem tomorrow night and feed him some chili.  Maybe I’ll find you again.

  6. Every mother’s heart knows what you are going through, but few of us could express it so beautifully! I think I found your site through “Pollythepatchworker”. Our nest is empty and now we are thinking it will be very soon our grandchildren will be leaving their parent’s nest and it also will come way too soon…………..

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