A little thing like a spur on the heel of a foot.

Good Doctor injects medicine to make it feel better.

Certain Man’s Wife wants instant cure.

Not gonna’ be.

And now the hurt in the heel

And the hurt in the heart

wrap all up together, and who can tell?

Are these tears for the heel?

Or for the heart?


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  1. {Big Hug!}~ ~ I’m sorry your foot hurts.  I have a toe that has hurt for years and years … so I know what it’s like.    But I’m even more sorry your heart hurts.  So very, very sorry.  Love you.

  2. I think our hearts can ‘use’ any reason to release tears when they are just below the surface, springing from deep sources within.  Go ahead and shed those tears … know that our hearts hurt for your hurts.  Love from a friend, comrade, buddy and pal.

  3. I am sorry for all the pain you are going through~physical and emotional. I pray that God’s grace will get you through this season.

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