So, last night we got together at Loretta Miller’s house for a married ladies slumber-not party.  What a hoot!!!  We had nine ladies and we had time to pray for each other, time to play some games that made us laugh and laugh.  And then each of us brought a snack that started with the same letter as our first name.  What a wonderful spread that made!  And then some of the ladies went home, and some stayed until after one o’clock.  Then four of us that thought that we would spend the night stayed up and talked until almost four o’clock, and then I thought that I might just as well go home.  I needed to get Linda up this morning and so I decided to spend the rest of the night at home.  Then I thought I was running out of gas on the way home (I had been running on fumes for a day or so!) so I was most glad to enter my garage safely at home.  I came upstairs and crawled into bed beside my husband and he never found out that I was home.  I was too keyed up to sleep at first (doesn’t usually happen to me!) but then I got to sleep and didn’t want to wake up! I am just about dragging along at reverse today!  Whew!  Was it worth it?  ABSOLUTELY!!!! Thanks Xanga girl “Gokum”  That was really fun!  And thanks, too, VIRGINIA!  I love your house!  And you are a wonderful hostess.  It was just so comfy being there.  And thanks to all who made the evening such a fun time.  I loved it so very much!!!


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  1. Thank you SO much for the info.  I’ve been watching all day for someone to post something.  I was disappointed to not be able to come at all.  Though I was hoping all week, I also recognize that I cannot plan ahead these days.  Thanks again for posting about the fun. 

  2. Sounds kind of like the ladies from our Sunday School class – they get together once a month for “Women Reaching Women”.  Sounds very similar – devotional, food, and fun.  Though Leslie’s only been out until 10:30 or 11:00 at the latest…  🙂  Us guys get to stay home and hold down the fort (probably put the kids to bed early) except for whichever lucky man whose wife is hosting the party.  They are welcome to take the kids to the basement, upstairs or back bedroom and quietly disappear for the evening…
    I’ll have to suggest the “food starting with the first letter of your name” idea.  She’ll get a kick out of that.

  3. That sounds like so much fun!! I will have to try that with some of my friends.I am ever so glad that you made it home safely. The really down part of a night like that is that we are not able to bounce back as soon as when we were younger!

  4. Anonymous

    Auntie Mary, I love you SO much. I miss you, your daughters, your house, just everything about you guys. I just LOVE you!

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