So here comes Middle Daughter in the middle of a busy Saturday morning and exclaims the following:
       “Mom!  I can’t believe you!  You write all these things that you are thankful for and all these wonderful things and didn’t say a single thing about DAD.  You talk about your Mama, your brothers and sisters, son and daughter, but you never once mentioned that you are glad for the love of a good man!  That is just not right!”
        She is right.  It wasn’t right.  Because Certain Man has been the one who has lent his steadying hand and heart during these last few weeks.  He loved my Daddy as if he were his own, and he is grieving, too.  But he has never made me feel like the grief we share is unimportant or prolonged.  He loves my Mama, too, and encourages me to do all I can for her.  Her suffering is very real to him.
         He works so hard for us as a family, at his job, at this farm, in our home. 
         This week, he has spent hours and hours working on a drainage system for an especially troublesome spot in his chicken house lane.  He has access to the old blocks at Uncle Eli’s and he brings a load down here and crushes them with a sledge hammer and puts them into the low spot there.  He dug a pond behind the composter for the water to drain into, and he dug a ditch and put in drainage pipe to draw the water away from the veritable lake that was steadily growing in front of the small chicken house.  He has enjoyed seeing the success of his labor. And when they come to catch chickens next week, (Lord Willing) there will be a lot of other people happy, too!
         He has covered for me in the house when I needed to be gone with Mama and no one else was available.  This morning, he took the meat off the bones of two chickens that I cooked so I could make a big pot of Mama-style Chicken Corn Noodle Soup for the concession stand at the Basketball tournament that Youngest Daughter is in today. 
         He never complains when I sleep in on Saturday mornings and everything is behind all day.  He listens when I sob out my grief and holds me in my storms.  He tells me every single day that he loves me, and sometimes brings me flowers just because he knows the day is hard. 
         And so, Middle Daughter, (and the rest of the world, too) I am very grateful for the love of a good man.  It makes the rest of my life a whole lot easier.


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  1. Your tribute to your husband is so sweet. My husband  is far better to me than I am to him, but he loves me anyway.I appreciate your comments about my 1st quilt. That old saying that fire wood warms you twice,once when you cut it and then when you burn it. Much the same about quilts. They warm us while we are making them, or when they are given to us and throughout the years of use or just seeing them………..or when we once again unfold a stored quilt, or it is returned to us for a time………….the giving just keeps on giving doesn’t it. Looking at scrap quilts can sure stir the memories. My daughter-in-law has a pieced wall hanging made by her mother. Given to her when she got married. The entire hanging is composed of scraps from every item of clothing she made her through the years. I believe it does not use the same fabric twice. If I am not mistaken it includes her wedding dress fabric also. What a keepsake.

  2. thank you for commenting to me on my site, i am glad there is another person to talk to on here, i am really scared to ask my mom about the bull story, because without all the wierd stories coming from other people, i have all the wierd stories coming from her, but i will ask  her, just for you……
    ❤ stephanie 

  3. Thank you for the words of encouragement about my pain!  Your prayers mean a lot to me, even though I have not met you.  I know that they are from a loving heart.  I am getting a little relief from the gabapentin so think it is going to do the trick gradually.  You are right about pain.  It is very depressing and I can’t imagine living a life with no relief from intense pain as some people do.  

  4. What a wonderful thing it is to be loved by a good godly man! I know, because thats me, too!

  5. What a wonderful tribute to Daniel.  You really have a remarkable man for a husband.  And we will be praying for you and your mama; I didn’t realize they were that close to the Swartzentruber family.   Love you!  ~April

  6.  “DANIEL YUTZY, HE’S A GOOD MAN”  I love ‘im too 🙂 ~Christina

  7. Oh, and on the doughnuts/snow storm…a local radio station has been running a contest since New Years to see who can make the best snowman. Unfortunately, all we have gotten are several very light flurries-it hasn’t even covered the ground, I wonder what will happen to their prize package… Actually, it is very very dry here, and we have been under a burning ban for a month now. We would take snow, rain, almost any form of moisture. We’re supposed to have winds up to 40 – 45 mph today. Thats Kansas for you!! 🙂

  8. nothing can compare to having a wonderful, loving and supportive husband.  thanks for the reminder to add them to our praise lists.  Now please excuse me, I just realized the need to go and edit my last post.

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