Urgent prayer request

      Late last night, the family who moved yesterday, Calvin and Kathy Sharp, suffered a fire in the supply room and sales area of their greenhouses.  The damage was limited, thankfully, mostly to those areas, and the greenhouses were not significantly damaged.  The greatest financial loss involved the supply room with the necessary fertilizers and supplies so integral to this large operation.  The sales room is pretty much a total loss.  The cause of the fire is not known at this time, but it would appear that it had to do with the wood stove that is used to heat the greenhouses.  Menno and Lydia came down to do what they can to help, but there will probably be opportunity for the community to help out with clean up and such.  Please pray for Calvin and Kathy and their family.  As you can imagine, this is a most difficult set-back. 


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4 responses to “Urgent prayer request

  1. I am so sorry! No one hurt? Yes they are in our prayers.

  2. Oh Mary, our hearts sank when we saw all the fire trucks last night. Timmy had seen the flashing lights and came woke us up. We drove down but the firemen wouldn’t let us get close. Liz just stopped in and borrowed one of our folding tables. She said at least 16 cars were there this afternoon helping put plastic temp. back over the tomatoes until permnant repairs could be made.

  3. God is so good.  What could have potentially happened if Sharps had not felt compelled to move in immediately?? 

  4. Prayers on the way from me, too.  How wonderful the community pulls together at times like this.  That must be of great comfort.

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